Exclusiv Vodka 750mL

Alright enough scotch, back to vodka (we should consider a gin binge). This time we go back once again to my least favorite friend, the bottom shelf. Because when you know you are buying ingredients for russians, the idea of a 10 dollar vodka seems enticing. You remember though that in most cases it may be 10 dollars, but it’s not 10 dollars well spent.


So this is a vodka from Moldova – which if you want to know where they are just assume that once Putin takes Ukraine – Moldova should feel pretty damn worried. However despite being a bit removed from Russia they’ve managed to make a vodka that sucks. Sorry but this was a bottom shelf buy, and the bottom shelf was where it belonged. I know I continue to try and find the spirits which despite being cheap are great for bar buys – but sometimes you can’t win.


What they Say: “1 Vodca Exclusiv is prepared by following ancient traditions and recipes. The natural basis and the unique technological production process secure the transparency, specific aroma and perfectly soft taste of this vodka.”


Taste: 5.0 – Much like the aroma it starts off nice, sweet, and even a bit creamy.

Aftertaste: 3.0 – But the second it hits the back of your throat and you can taste the regret.

Burn/Smooth: 3.5 – This burns in such a way that I suddenly remember college more.

Aroma: 3.0 – It starts off as sweet and pleasant, and it then proceeds to burn your nostril hairs.

Honesty: 3.0 – They spell vodka wrong, and they have a tiny polar at the top. Plus the way they do their X is about as bullshit as you can get. However they don’t outright lie to you.

Mixability: 5.25

Vodka Tonic: 4.5 – Here it’s sort of noticeable, but more for how the vodka tastes instead of it’s outright downsides.

White Russian: 6.0 – I will admit that the many faults of the vodka disappear here.

Value: 5.0 – It’s quite cheap, but to be fair it should be this cheap.

Google Shop Average: $10

Website: www.exclusiv-vodka.com


Reviewer Scores:

BuffaloJern: 3.0

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Metric Score: 27.75/70 |+| Metric Average: 3.96 |+| Reviewer Average: 3.0

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Final Thoughts: Well Moldova for the brief span of a review you made me remember you exist as country despite your name sounding like some town on the French Riviera. However I cannot commend you on your vodka as I assume this this chaff you sell to silly Americans where the real wheat goes into your glasses.


I am the Buffalo editor and curator of Honest Booze Reviews

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  1. I think you are a vodka snob! I have been taste testing vodkas for years and this vodka scored highly with me beating out many expensive vodkas from different Countries. I bet you could not pick this out from expensive vodkas in a blind taste test.

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