Sagamore Spirit Rye American Whiskey 750mL

Well, folks, we’re not going to lie to you. The next few weeks around here are going to have a prevailing theme, and that theme is Whiskey. Due to the site updates changing the typical review seeking, and because we are prepping some special December goodness the old fallback of whiskey dominated reviews reigns again. We have at least been kind to break it up instead of being scotch every week, which leads us here.

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Mount Gay Eclipse Barbados Rum 750mL

So we are a serious no-nonsense review site. With that in mind, we will use the remainder of this tiny space before the fold to air some things about this rum that don’t really belong in the review proper. Now it’s understandable that we can see this came from a distinguished sir, who owned a piece of land like a mountain, but there is a proverbial elephant in the room – and it’s this. MOUNT YOUR GAYS LADS – WE RIDE AT WHEN THE MOON PASSED THE SUN! (moar like drink some of this and I’ll mount a gay eh?)

Editor’s Note: Sorry.

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Soho Park Lager

Soho Park Lager: 3.0 – It’s simply way too light for a lager, and has an unpleasant metallic taste. Looking back it’s highly likely that because this isn’t a typical beer it’s possible to be a watered down concoction stored improperly.

Price Average: $11

Website: N/A, visit a New York Bier Garden in Central Park