Laughing Dog Brewing CSB Extra Special Bitter Ale

CSB Extra Special Bitter Ale: 2.0 – Because we are a factual site, we must inform you that CSB is not a beer term, but in fact stands for “Crotch Sniffing Bastard” a reference to a dog named Ben. Also because we are a factual site we have to state that this beer is shite. You could say the ESB style is there, and the malty-ness is as well, but no. This beer tastes awful, is not easy to drink – and those are the facts.

Price Average: $6


Diplomatico Botucal ‘Mantuano’ Extra Viejo Rum 750mL

Here at the Lounge we always have a certain kind of sadness when we decide to buy something that’s a little more ‘top-shelf-y’ than our usual quest to find those spirits great for value. We know spending $50 or so might work out one way, but even then – at what cost. This is what makes seeing spirits like the below for under $30 seem so intriguing, and while overall it falters – there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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