Smuttynose Imperial Stout

Next we head the England, but it’s not really England. It’s actually New Hampshire – but the lager is made English style, so that’s close enough. I know – I asked William the IVth why when told to get beers for a review Around the World he choose a New Hampshire beer, but he responded basically that he does what he does, and then he does it. SO, anyway this tasted very much like it came from across the pond, and is actually quite good.


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Samuel Adams Boston Lager

WELCOME! Beer is something we’ve often had in the Buffalo Lounge, but we never really got around to reviewing it in favor of spirits. So we began with an initial set of reviewing beers around the world. These have been broken into smaller articles. Now you may noticed a format similar to our spirit reviews – in the future beers will just have a short paragraph and an overall/reviewer score.


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Bakon Vodka 750mL

Hello and welcome to meat reviews. This week, like every week we review bacon. Because bacon is meat, and it’s bacon. So this week we went to the liquor store. Bacon was on sale. SO we bought all of it. Then we made vodka. Then we combined them. Then a friend of ours brought us this magnificent bastard. Then the world seceded from the universe.


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Gentlemen Jack 750mL

Why hello there, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to another fine reading of our aptly named Booze Reviews. I am your writer, with kung fu grip, smoking jacket, and fez sold separately: William Henri Neve The Fourth. Right now I find myself relaxed, happy, and with a taste in my mouth that is familiar and yet – rings truer to my taste buds than its triumphant popular cousin. This week there was a sale at the local liquor store and my heart skipped a beat as Gentleman Jack was on sale and was the same price as Jack Daniels Black Label.


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Skyy Vodka 750mL

Gentleman this is vodka.

Wait no, wrong intro.  Unfortunately it’s not Ketel One again this week.  Its Skyy Vodka…no, stop! Don’t go!  Tonight on booze reviews: a bear brings by some vodka and mauls some mixed drinks!  Not only that, a surprise ending, Skyy vodka is actually pretty good!  Oh, whoops, looks like I gave away the whole review in the tag line.  I’m going somewhere with this I swear…let’s start over.

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Gordon’s London Dry Gin 750mL

When you hear Gordon’s you think of one name, James Bond, with the famous words “Shaken, not stirred.” What most people don’t get is that James Bond’s martini’s use vodka, and shaking gin for a martini is the worst thing you could do to it. Now we’re not here this week to judge James Bond’s iconic-ly known vodka (though it’s not that great). No we are here to review Gordon’s Gin, a gin that was my (The Buffalo’s) first foray into gin. Which ended with me almost nearly being turned off to gin forever.

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Ezra Brooks 90 Proof Bourbon Whiskey 750mL

When I think of Ezra Brooks I’m reminded of an old saying from a wise man “Bourbon, on the rocks please.” Now while all of us at the Buffalo Lounge have had their fair share of whiskey, our tastes (Mine especially) centered on Scotch. I sampled a vast amount of different varieties of Scotch, and I had tried Jack Daniels. It wasn’t until that fateful day though, when I was given just a small 375mL of Ezra that I thought the Americans could make a whiskey.


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Chivas Regal 18yr Blended Scotch 750mL

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am the man called Justice and this week the Booze Reviews Crew is bringing you a particularly special treat.  Its been a long time coming, but today we bring you Chivas Regal 18 year blended scotch whiskey.  Before you ask, yes this is a liquor that deserves to have its full name used.  Now I am a lover of high grade scotches, and though I can’t claim to have tried as many as the Buffalo, I have sampled a fairly robust number of scotches.  That being said, there are few blended scotches which have tried which rival the flavor of this one.  Off the top of my head only Johnny Walker Blue Label is a scotch I’ve tried better than this one (though that really isn’t a fair example).


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Ketel One Vodka 750mL

While Ketel One isn’t our favorite spirit, not even our favorite vodka we have used more Ketel One in the Buffalo Lounge than any other liquor. Ketel One is our go-to drink for its wide use in Russian, screwdrivers, and tons of other mixed drinks, without sacrificing quality in the least. It is the standard we judge all vodka’s on, namely if you’re not better of comparable than we don’t want to deal with you. This has since changed with Three Olives much ore competitive price, but Ketel One is a good barometer for vodka.


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