Effen Vodka 750mL

Its Vodka week again in booze reviews, and I am the man called Justice and this week I’ll be revealing to you a vodka that turned out to be all balls and no shaft: Effen Vodka (aka Effenol).  This hilariously named vodka was provided to use by our guest reviewer this week Jesse, aka “the sweatta vest”.  Throw it back and grit your teeth, Effenol is coming your way.


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Wild Turkey 80 Proof Bourbon Whiskey 750mL

We’re back! Yes after a very drunken and plaque riddled holiday Honest Booze Reviews is back at it’s scheduled time. Now soon enough (Read: 2 months – actually half a year) DJ Lvl will post an exciting special edition where we review not only a wine we gathered from my basement, but some short reviews of a wine tasting we attended. However that’s just a bit too classy, and while class is expected at The Buffalo Lounge it’s second only to manliness. As such this week we review a bourbon whiskey, with a turkey on it.


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1800 Silver Tequila 750mL

ODELAYYYYY! Hola, amigos! Welcome to another edition of booze reviews where we get alcohol poisoning for your benefit. Writing the review this week, in all his glory, is MC Will Power aka Diego Neve aka Mexi-bro aka William Henri Neve the Fourth! Oh and also involved were Justice, DJ LvL and Buffalo Jern. This week we reviewed the delicious treat of Mexican Gods…tequila. 1800 Silver Tequila to be exact.


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Tanqueray Imported London Dry Gin 750ml

As our reviews take us around the world of alcohol; this week we finally land in Her Majesty’s Kingdom of Great Britain. For our review this week we take a look at the fantastic world of gin with Tanqueray. Since I have been the only one to actually set foot on British soil, I BuffaloJern will enlighten you about this fantastic gin.


To give a brief overview of the format; our four reviewers DJ Lvl, William Henri Neve the IV, Justice, and myself sample the gin giving scores based on some set categories, this is then followed by our own personal scores. Keep in mind that these scores (except manliness) are based on other gins as opposed to a scotch or vodka.

Tanqueray is in my mind a classy version of Bombay. Both are the quintessential London Dry Gins, despite Tanqueray being currently distilled in Scotland (It was originally in London), but that whole WWII/Bombing London thing happened. Anywho the mere fact that Tanqueray is distilled in Scotland only enforces what SNL has taught us “If it’s not Scottish its crap!” and I couldn’t agree more. At about 92 proof, distilled 4 times, and containing juniper, coriander, and angelica root this gin is fantastic.

And yet it’s not. Unfortunately as with most liquors the standard version the company makes are usually lacking. Tanqueray’s No 10 is superior in taste, and the Rangpur version of Tanqueray is simply a better gin. So where does that leave the Old London Dry Gin, the basic model if you will? It stays there in your bar for when you want your standard gin and tonic, when life doesn’t demand something extraordinary. It remains there looking at you in its beautiful bottle showing the world that yes I do drink gin, and no I do not drink Gordon’s.

The best part of this is Tanqueray understands this, they do not come off as cocky, or flashy just simple, praising themselves modestly and dare I say British-like.

What they say: “Back of the Bottle: Charles Tanqueray began distilling in 1830 and Tanqueray gin continues his legacy of excellence. The highest quality spirit and finest botanicals. Picked at the peak of their freshness, are carefully crafted to produce its exceptional, much revered taste.

Front: By appointment to her majesty the queen Tanqueray Gordon & Company Limited. London, England. Gin Distillers”


Taste: 7.875 – I understand the festive nature of these comments may annoy those burdened by Future Christmas but a mark of a true gin is that great pine smell. And that’s all we get here, a fine really damn good taste.

Aftertaste: 5.375 – William and I felt the initial aftertaste akin to a punch fastly followed by a beautiful women stripping, slowly. After the first bit of pine there is a bit of ethanol followed again by a long drawn out pine feeling. I would like to comment though that Justice enjoyed both aftertastes while DJ Lvl didn’t care for either, attributing to our average score of 5.

Burn/Smooth: 8 – Nicely smooth especially comparative to other gins, and that’s all there is to say about it. This goes down smoothly unlike a lower quality gin which would be like pouring paint thinner down you throat.

Aroma: 8.25 – A nice pine smell with a bit of ethanol to it, but no real bark. Much like the taste everything here is smooth, pine, and superb.

Honesty: 8.75 – The front of the bottle mentions the god damn queen, that along with the seals, and the tale of Charles Tanqueray gives this gin some serious points. Will states; however; that the only thing keeping this from getting a better score is because it mentions botanicals a bunch. While this won’t make you seem like your balls are made of the steel that your chest hair mines from your abs, one look at that beautiful green bottle and the martini you create will force James Bond to begin searching his pockets for some class.

Mixability: 8.17

Gin and Tonic: Really great gin and tonic, you can taste the gin, the lime, and tonic and they all come together in a beautiful government approved synthesis of booze and carbonation. However with only the juniper taste it leaves something to be desired from the citrus feel of some other gins.

Red Baron: Pretty god damn excellent Baron, while this drink can make a bad gin bearable here it makes the drink one of that best things in existence.

Buffalo Note: This also makes a damn good Martini, but it’s older brother Tanqueray no. 10 blows it out of the water.

Value: 7.125 – Good for mixing, and on its own but for its price and that aftertaste I would always recommend getting a better gin and spending the extra 3-4 bucks.

Google Shop Average: $25

Website: http://www.tanqueray.com/


Reviewer Scores:

DJ_Lvl: 7

William Henri Neve IV: 7.5

Justice: 8

BuffaloJern: 8

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Score Total: 53.56/70 |+| Metric Average: 7.65 |+| Reviewer Average: 7.63

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Final Thoughts: Tanqueray is clearly a great choice for a gin but it be a better choice to shell out the few extra bucks and buy one of his older brothers (the No. 10 or Rangpur). However if you’ve been living off Beefeaters (regular) or Gordons for your entire drinking life consider getting a bottle and reminding yourself what all gin should be.

Cheers mates.

Bacardi 151 Rum 750mL

Hello and welcome to another edition of Booze Reviews.  I am the man called Justice and I will be sharing with you the drink of the week.  In previous weeks we’ve explored a higher end scotch and relatively tasty Vodka, however this week, because DJ Lvl has a tasty smuggled Vodka he’d like to review solo, Buffalo Jern, William Henri Neve IV and I decided we’d review a liquor that DJ Lvl wouldn’t dare touch.   That’s right boys and girls, this week we’re bringing the pain with Bacardi 151 rum.


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Highland Park 12yr. 750mL

Hello and welcome, we are Honest Booze Reviews. we began this journey across many sites, and in many formats. Here though we’ll be staying for a while and creating a new site continuing our ideal of what reviews of spirits should be. Honest – brutally so. As such we began with a 12 year scotch, which we tear to pieces for being so average. If you’d like to see what we’re on about visit out Welcome Page.


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