South Boston Irish Whiskey 750mL

We bought this because Boston (among others like London, Glasgow, etc) is one of our favorite cities. It’s not a Los Angeles or an NYC, it’s a city with real people instead of those pretending to be. We were apprehensive though. Because there is this part of Boston that hinges too far upon Ireland – not that we shouldn’t celebrate it as we celebrate all history. We were worried this be subpar and try to feed upon that feeling to sell it to us. Sadly we report that we were right.

This is a misstep of a whiskey. At parts too light, or too hot, too spicy or sweet. Lacking balance overall. It sticks out like the prickles on a chestnut rather than the slow roasted but light flavor of chestnuts you’d like. (The chestnuts are a metaphor here, we’re not suggesting whiskey should taste like that)


What they Say: “A celebration of the undeniable link between the prosperity of Boston and its Irish Heritage.

Imported and Bottled By: Grandten Distilling 383 Dorchester Avenue Boston, MA 02127”


Taste: 5.5 – It’s a bit sweet at first, but there’s a bit of heat there in the whiskey, ultimately showing in the aftertaste as well.

Aftertaste: 5.0 – Despite the aroma giving you the impression of a light Irish shower, this is a Boston ice storm. (Is that what you want Internet, topical metaphors?) It’s a fair mix of sweet, spice, heat, and smoke – but nothing wins out, and it’s not balanced.

Burn/Smooth: 5.0 – There is a burn, and only a twinge of warmth. However some spirits from the Irish isles burn like a [metaphor deleted] so this is still a 5.

Aroma: 6.0 –Even for an Irish Whiskey this is simply far too light in smell. You can dig as deep as you like, and the smell is still the same – slightly mild, twinge of smoke, and some sweetness.

Honesty: 6.5 – They don’t say much (good). They have a decent bottle and branding (good). They are still Irish, but acknowledge the Boston aspect via bottling (good). They have a cork (fake, but still good). Overall though they have no faults. The problem is they have nothing in the plus column aside from Irish heritage, and Boston sentiment.

Mixability: 5.33

W/ Rocks: 5.5 – That makes it certainly more palpable, but not great.

Whiskey and Coke: 5.0 – Standard Whiskey and Coke – nothing more.

Whiskey and Ginger Ale: 5.5 – I’d like to say the ginger opens this up to a whole new world. That would be lies though. It basic.

Value: 4.0 – That is a steep price. Because when you get to that range – small batch bourbons start looking real enticing, and to be honest – they are a better options.

Google Shop Average: $30



Reviewer Scores:

BuffaloJern: 5.0

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Metric Score: 37.33/70 |+| Metric Average: 5.33 |+| Reviewer Average: 5.0

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Final Thoughts: We end up with a whiskey that like a Boston St. Patricks day parade is offensive to most, and derided by others. This whiskey that bears the name of Boston, and the heritage of early America leaves us with something subpar, middle of the road, and unbalanced. You can take whatever lesson or metaphor from that which you wish, but in the lounge we just feel disappointment.


I am the Buffalo editor and curator of Honest Booze Reviews

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