Mystic Brewing The Hum Low Frequency Porter

The Hum Low Frequency Porter: 7.0 – It is a delicious porter. It’s got the right amount of depth of flavor, it doesn’t lean too far in a single direction, it has an aftertaste that linger but it’s very muted to give it almost a clean finish. It’s certainly not standard due to how average porters are often like, but then it’s not exactly award winning either.

Price Average: The Hum Low Frequency Porter $8


Berkshire Brewing Co. Drayman’s Porter

Drayman’s Porter: 7.0 – While I can truly enjoy a very complex, or heavy, or even a truly coffee porter, it’s great when someone just makes a good porter. In truth this overall is closer to a 5, but the aftertaste is very enjoyable, and at the Berkshire cost it’s always the beer that makes even me have to truly decide over something new, and something good at a better price point.


Price Average: Drayman’s Porter $6


Atlantic Brewing Co. Coal Porter

Coal Porter: 4.0 – So I’m beginning to wonder if they literally threw coal into the batch. Because going down this tastes like a nice standard porter, but that lingering aftertaste might as well be coal dust, like It’s almost eerie how akin to coal it is. It’s not exactly a bad porter overall unless you are a serious anti-charcoal fan.


Price Average: Coal Porter $10 for 6-pack