Hanger 1 Vodka 750mL

Because of this spirit we had to read the words ‘spanked’ sage leaves in a cocktail recipe – and by extension so have you now. That being done this vodka is a bit of an oddball. There’s an almost botanical smell, but a sweet sugar like aftertaste. However that combo of uniqueness does have a very nice side effect. Which is how this mixes – always bringing some A-Game to cocktails. Although not ones with ‘spanked’ sage as we’d never do that.

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Vladivar Triple Distilled Vodka 1L

Vladivar – baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more. (Not apologizing for that joke because it was awesome). We said that there would be more gin on this UK trip and trust me there will be a month of gin reviews. Before we dive into that though we needed to talk about this vodka. It was a random buy for a vodka sauce (no seriously) which explains why it looks like a cheap random old USSR country vodka.

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Deep Eddy Vodka 750mL

Time again for some American-based vodka, and sadly the stereotype of good vodka only coming from the Eastern Bloc is getting truer every time we review an American vodka. The story is much the same – while this can do well in the right cocktail – overall it just lacks the cleanliness and clarity that vodkas from Russian or Poland have.


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Taaka Vodka 750mL

Again we delve a bit into some grandstanding American bottom shelf vodkas. It’s a bit annoying that this tries to look Russian too hard. I actually bought this for infusing under the guise of – the flavor I am putting in will remove any of the flaws here (well usually most of them), but aside from it’s lying and aftertaste this as far as budget vodkas go is not bad really.


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