Puerto de Indias Sevilian Premium Gin 750mL

Nobody expects the Spanish Ginquisition! (We deeply apologize for the groaning sound you just made). Anyway while here in the UK it felt appropriate to partake of the spirit for which England is known for. However getting a London gin was too on the nose so we went to Spain. What we found was overpriced, a little hot, and overall disappointing. So Spain. (We deeply apologize to the Spanish people)

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Brockmans Premium Gin 750mL

Well it’s certainly distinctive, I’ll give ’em that. It’s time for another British gin on HBR, and it’s a good thing I review by name and not by actual flavoring. I say this because at booze review we don’t do flavored spirits (there’s too much variance and types to establish a solid baseline for a true score). However if this was a blind taste test – I’d likely chide you for giving me some berry vodka.


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