Bell’s Blended Scotch Whisky 750mL

We have a theory. To preface there is an exception in the Johnnie Walker name, but otherwise it hold’s true. If a scotch is named after a person and not a place, it’s a worse scotch. We see this with things like Grant’s, Justerini & Brook’s, and now Bell’s. We attribute this to what we call ‘the just because an old man got people to buy something doesn’t make it good.’ The world is full of con men, and sometimes they make spirits.

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Johnnie Walker Explorer’s Club Collection The Royal Route Blended Scotch Whiskey 1L

So as those of you might recall we’ve previously had another entry from the Explorer’s Club Collection – The Spice Road. However as shown we had 2 slightly different takes one by The Buffalo, and the other Justice. Now historically Justice has been a lot more forgiving in scotch reviews which was shown in his entry. We therefore decided for this top-tier entry to meet up and discuss as a group.

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Stag’s Head Blended Scotch Whisky 750mL

We are continuing this (likely extended) month of various whiskies, this time going with a scotch. However instead of this week being some single malt that I either enjoy immensely or wish I had never met –  we are doing a blend I picked up way back when I was in the UK. (Damn it’s been 4 months already). I got this because it was cheap, and I knew it wasn’t a scotch I could take my time with having less than a week.


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Justice Reviews: Johnnie Walker Explorers’ Club: The Spice Road 1L

Good Morning Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls, and all the other ones.  I am the man called Justice and I’d like to talk to you about a particularly unique Scotch I didn’t know existed, as I found it somewhat unexpectedly.  I was recently returning from a trip to the Dominican Republic, and on my way through the airport, I was not to subtly navigated through at least three duty free shops on my way to my gate entirely by the building’s architecture.  On my winding Journey through these magical halls of tax free liquor and suspiciously friendly staff offering me free samples I began noticing a series of Johnnie Walker bottles I didn’t recognize.  Long time readers will know that we have sampled at one time or another all of the standard Johnnie Walker Rainbow (Red, Black, Green, DoubleBlack, Gold, Platinum, and Blue), all of which were, if not excellent, then at least above average (I’m looking at you red).  Based on that past experience the idea of a new Johnnie Walker, and not wanting to get screwed out of money exchanging my Pesos back to USD drove me to decide on picking up this novelty.


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