Boulevard/Pretty Things “Stingo” English Style Ale

“Stingo” English Style Ale: 7.0 – It’s a nice english style ale with that lower carbonation, and a small amount of tart with a lot of malt. Certainly one of the better beers we’ve had with pretty things, but it’s between being something you’d want often, and something special, sort of failing at being both things, or the middle ground.

Price Average: $10

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Petrus Aged Red Ale

Petrus Aged Red Ale: 7.0 – There’s a special place in our hearts for things that are exactly what they say on the tin. Here we get something called an aged red, has cherries, and rates a ⅖ on the sour scale. Damn it to hell, but that’s exactly what you get, it does taste like a more mellowed red ale with cherry, and it’s a good combo of being sour without overpowering. It does suffer a bit by being akin to some old-timey medicine, but overall is quite tasty.

Price Average: $11