Mount Gay Eclipse Barbados Rum 750mL

So we are a serious no-nonsense review site. With that in mind, we will use the remainder of this tiny space before the fold to air some things about this rum that don’t really belong in the review proper. Now it’s understandable that we can see this came from a distinguished sir, who owned a piece of land like a mountain, but there is a proverbial elephant in the room – and it’s this. MOUNT YOUR GAYS LADS – WE RIDE AT WHEN THE MOON PASSED THE SUN! (moar like drink some of this and I’ll mount a gay eh?)

Editor’s Note: Sorry.

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Diplomatico Botucal ‘Mantuano’ Extra Viejo Rum 750mL

Here at the Lounge we always have a certain kind of sadness when we decide to buy something that’s a little more ‘top-shelf-y’ than our usual quest to find those spirits great for value. We know spending $50 or so might work out one way, but even then – at what cost. This is what makes seeing spirits like the below for under $30 seem so intriguing, and while overall it falters – there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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Captain Morgan Cannon Blast Rum 750mL

So I realize that on the Halloween special reviewing Jack-o-Blast we stated “Haha, nice try Captain Morgan, while we appreciate the product synergy, we will get Cannon Blast on our own time.” It turns out that time is now. We also promised not to be nice, but fair. In all fairness though this looks like it’s meant to blow your arm clean off – but much like how it’s appearance could be called a tarted-up gimmick so too can the rum sadly.

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Captain Morgan Jack-O Blast 750mL (Special)

Trick-or-treat folks, and no don’t worry we are not playing a trick by reviewing a pumpkin spice spirit. No we were contacted by a rep. wondering if we wanted a sample of ‘the first pumpkin spice rum brought to market.’ Of course being good sports we said yes, hoping to get a sample nip. They then sent us a bottle turning this from a ‘hey here’s a thing to try, to I guess we should review this’, and here we are. Now no worries we will continue to focus on spirits instead of niche flavorings (so many vodka flavors), but think of this as a Halloween special where we consider the following as both a rum and flavored booze.


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Club Caribe Silver Rum 750mL

Well that’s enough whiskies for a while so let’s jump into a massive headache. The entire raison d’etre of this site is to be comprehensive and truthful, but there are downsides. For every diamond in the rough we can often find going across the various shelves and tiers there is often still ‘the rough’. Club Caribe is however so far in the rough an ogre just asked us to get out his swamp. #golfjokes #shrekislife


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Black Robert’s Spiced Rum 750mL

They often say one should not judge a book by it’s cover. This is usually meant to imply that something that looks vain or vapid could be deeply rewarding and complex on the inside. The parallel here is that this looks like a cheap, spiced rum that may smell nice – but would kill a small hamster in a coughing fit from the burn itself. Instead though we get something that might as well have a Willy Wonka stamp on the side.


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Pitu Cachaca 1L

Alright, so I’ve actually long been a fan of Cachaca pronounced ‘help me I’m so white’. However since I have really only had less than a handful of brands I didn’t feel it was right to review it you without trying enough to establish a baseline. It’s time however to look into this Brazilian spirit, which you’ll likely find sequestered away in the outskirts of your rum section.


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