Tripel Karmeliet Beer Review

Tripel Karmeliet and The Goblet of The Gods

Tripel Karmeliet: 9/10 – William Henri Neve IV’s favorite beer. A golden color with a glut of foam even off a perfect pour. Wheat and coriander mixed in the first taste with caramel and hops in the aftertaste. An intoxicating aroma of the above helps round out an amazing beer. A great, expensive, beer that can be found at craft beer store near you. Best to drink from the glass above (Thank you Lee).

Google Shop Average: Tripel Karmeliet $7


Retrospective 2 on Stocking a Bar for $100

Well guys after next week we’ll have made it a whole year. For such a glorious event we’ve decided to host an awards ceremony, why even know we are at a secret undisclosed location discussing booze, and the previous year. So before we get into that we decided to have an updated buying guide from the one half a year ago.


Now last time we did this I left you some advice namely stocking your bar for under a 100 dollars and that you should just buy scotch. Since we’ll be covering the festivities and intricacies of our journey next week I’ll let this article be simple and too the point of what you should be buying.




Recommended: Wodka – $10, New Amsterdam – $13, Skyy -$17, Three-O – $17

High Tier: Russian Standard Platinum – $27, Hammer + Sickle – $30

Honestly when it comes to vodka I go with the cheapest handle price (of these 4) because of how much gets used in the Buffalo Lounge. Now for a 750mL you could go with either Wodka or New Amsterdam the difference is slight enough that it’s the same, which is a similar story for Skyy/Three-O. While the 7 dollar difference is huge in the 750mL most of these cost $20 for a handle so see what’s the best for the area you live in.




Recommended: New Amsterdam – $13

High Tier: Bombay Sapphire – $26, Tangueray Rangpur – $27, Hendrick’s Gin – $32

It seems when it comes to gin’s if you want cheap your choice is obvious. Now the problem is that none of the high tier gin’s are “double as good, despite being double the price.” which is a little unfair. Regardless when you get into higher tier gin’s your choice is between it being more Juniper flavored, fruit flavored, floral/botanical of which you choose the above respectively. I’m not sure if we’ll ever find a mixing gin that tops New Amsterdam, but you can bet we’ll keep trying.




Recommended: Sailor Jerry’s – $16, Kraken – $19, Gosling’s 151 Proof – $21,  Capt Morgan 100 proof – $21

High Tier: Capt Morgan Private Stock – $25

No real changes here, Oakheart was really lackluster and though we’ve sample a few other rums we’ve mostly stuck to the favorites seen here.




Recommended: 1800 Series (Silver/Gold) – $26, Milagro (Silver/Gold) – $30

High Tier: Trago (Silver/Gold) -$50

We haven’t really reviewed many tequila’s lately (read: Me and DJ_Lvl dislike it so deal with it.) I have however tried Trago via places and goddamn that’s some good tequila. Basically same as last time choose between awesome looking and good tasting 1800 or slightly better tasting, but awful looking Milagro. Sadly Patron is very much not worth it.




Recommended: Ezra Brooks – $13,  Jack Daniels Green/Black Label – $22/25, Jameson Irish Whiskey – $22

High Tier: Gentlemen Jack – $30, JD Single Barrel – $42, Yamazaki 12yr – $43

We still prefer Ezra in the Lounge, but we’ve fully covered the Jack Daniels line, and as for it goes between Green and Black Label it’s whether you enjoy Green because not everyone does. Now for high tier we would say Gentlemen Jack is all you’ll need. However that’s a conservative high-tier and if you’re already going there JD Single Barrel and Yamazaki (which is not a scotch since it’s from Japan but is modeled after one.) are both really great choices.




Recommended: Famous Grouse – $21, Johnnie Walker Red Label –  $24, Dewar White Label – $24

High Tier Blended: Johnnie Walker Black Label – $33, Chivas Regal 18yr – $64, Johnnie Walker Blue Label – $200

High Tier Single Malt: Balvenie Double Wood 12yr – $40, Auchentoshan 12yr – $45, Oban 14yr – $50

Basically if you’re here for some Rusty Nails and Godfather’s then Grouse/JW Red Label/White Label are interchangable. If you’re looking for sipping then you get into scotch preference territory. Personally Black Label for a cheap one, Auchentoshan or Oban for a single malt, and Blue Label because you gotta try that at least once every few years. Honestly though scotch is all about trying a bunch and finding your favorite so explore.


Now as you may have noticed if you get something from all 6 categories it will most likely not be under 100 (Though if you go with the lowest price option from each it comes out to $99 so HAH!); however we have not compromised to put Smirnoff, or Gordons, or Evan Williams on here just so we can say it’s under 100. Will you probably spend closer to $120? Sure, but for the quality you are not losing money here, simply gaining good booze. If you go high tier then your wallet will take a major hit, but who cares when you got top-shelf stuff – real top shelf stuff.

Cheers Mates.

Special – Response to Wodka Vodka

Editor’s Note: This is back from when we were on Nerdfit, I’ve reuploaded it here, first as a reminder that Wodka needs to hire a better PR guy (especially considering some of their other forays like Billboards). But also because this stands as a testament to what we when we were at Nerdfit, and what Honest Booze Reviews stands for – Brutally honest, if you’re average you’re getting a 5. We are not your friends, and we are not going to hand out 94’s just because we want companies to give us free stuff and press.

I felt the need to write this up because of the backlash against Wodka for their comments made via their Twitter. First and foremost, it was weird seeing referrals from their website, and I was totally okay with them not being huge fans of our review. My original response via facebook was “Response to getting told a review is shit by a spirit company for giving them a 6 for being slightly better than average? Knowledge that we’re doing the right thing.” and I still stand by that. We knew doing these that we weren’t making friends. At Nerdfit we stood by our reviews as being honest and most importantly – very harsh.


Which is why I don’t want our fans or those who follow Wodka to boycott their spirit over this backlash. Their vodka is actually quite nice. It’s a middle shelf vodka for a bottom shelf price, and while yes their are things in the same tier that taste better or have better deals the difference between Wodka, Skyy, Ketel One, or Three Olives is negligible. They are a great bargain buy for a 750mL (Most handle prices are just as good a deal, but that depends on your area).

I realize some feel that the wording was out of line, especially for a professional company, and whether that’s true or not I’m not fazed. If anything I’m glad they had the balls to say it. While yes we are more informal in our reviews we’re not above calling something an absolute piece of fucken bullshit swill water if that’s what we feel. Remember tone and emotion aren’t conveyed best over the internet let alone within 140 characters.

Also you have to remember where they’re coming from. Our reviewing practices make it near impossible to get over a 9 let alone a perfect 10, when we say 5 is average, and 10 is akin to orgasm – we truly follow that mindset in a review. Even if something were to get a 10 in every taste related category it could still fall short on manliness, and it’d have to be one of the best deals of all time to get a 10 in every category. An overall score of 6 is a good thing to have, and I stress this – I’d totally buy Wodka again. I live in an area called CT where liquor prices are very high and if I need an everyday vodka (and I’m not getting something to review) I’d go with Wodka because I can’t get a good deal on Three-O or Skyy.

As for this situation, yes Wodka called us out on our review, we called them out on their response – at the end of the day they still offer a cheap above average Vodka, and we still review things with an iron fist.


Cheers Mates.