Welcome to Honest Booze Reviews

Greetings, this will sort of be our mission statement, a little bit of history, and a starting point if you wish to get to know who we are. Feel free to visit our FAQ/Review Policy for specific questions.

We began in Late 2010 reviewing spirits under Nerdfit.com – Nerdfit is a media site that focuses on Nerdy content ranging from games, EDM, anime, and more. They do a lot of conventions appearances with panels, dances, and general tomfoolery. So why were we – a spirit review site there? – Quite frankly, because we could. As always I saw our little home bar, and wanted to make it better, more efficient, so I sought to try new things, and hey since I was already trying them – why not review it?

So we four main reviewers. (DJ Lvl, Buffalojern, William Henri Neve the IVth, and Justice) began our little review site. Our goal was to do reviews that weren’t bullshit. We’d not try and use fancy terms like ‘notes’ and we’d not try or decide which type of toffee we could taste. We gave overall thoughts, and honest thoughts. Then when it came to scoring we broke up our opinions and also did reviews against a set of 7 metrics, metrics which make it nigh-impossible to get a perfect score. We kept to that ideal by deciding that average is a 5 and not an 8.5 as a lot of review sites do. See we’ve seen things like RateBeer, and BeerAdvocate in stores with scores from 94-100 ALL over the place, now of course a store would not put up the low numbers, but beers that get into the 90’s that often, beers that are absolute perfection?

Bullshit. This isn’t grade school and we’re not enacting ‘No Hooch Left Behind’ so we decided that we weren’t going into the fray half-heartily trying to make friends and make happy companies, no we went in there full armored ready to destroy everything. We wanted to do reviews that weren’t heavily biased, reviews that didn’t care who you were, what you said, or what you had to offer, reviews that were honest.

It’s why when we decided to bring the site back in it’s new incarnation – choosing a name was surprisingly easy (and apparently available – which says a lot about the review community).

Now one of our former cornerstones was the reviews of all 4 members (most of the time) at a single gathering; however this new site will be a little bit different. Our policy for reviewing spirits has not and will not change. We’ll also likely be adding more wine and beer reviews. Reviews will now likely have 1-2 of us 4 doing the review, but others may add scores later on.

To that end:

  • Spirits will get full-blown review
  • Beer will get a paragraph or two and a 0-10 rating, with decimal points.
  • Wine will get a letter grade (since these are mostly at a tasting we realize we need to be a little more lenient with numbers)

Now we used to (as seen by the archives) have a weekly schedule of content. For this site I can promise that when there is a tasting that we go to (which is often every Friday excluding holidays, travel, and very bad weather) we will have a Weekly Wine post on Saturday’s. During the week we will likely be able to post a beer review as we often try new beers all the time anyway. We also occasionally try new spirits, and I will make an effort to try and have a spirit review often enough, but there will be no inherent ‘schedule’ Subscribe to our RSS feed, or Twitter @BuffaloJern for updates.

Now I’ve gone on long enough so head over to our archives and get reading.