Larceny Bourbon 92 Proof 750mL

We’re BACK! We’re back now as Honest Booze Reviews, giving you honest, bullshit free,  non-paid reviews of Beer, Spirits, and Wine.  To kick things off let’s start with Larceny Bourbon. A fairly new kid to the block, which while not bad in terms of taste and smoothness – lacks a completeness to it. Yes while this may be a new site, we’ve not changed our policy of telling it like it is, view more for the full breakdown.


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Glenmorangie Nectar D’or 750mL

Nectar of the gods, over our nearly 2 years here at Nerdfit we’ve said that to only a select few spirits. Yet as our last review this scotch is trying to claim the title on its own right, a right it does not deserve. Yes folks booze reviews on Nerdfit is ending, and we do so by taking an expensive scotch that wanks hard, and tear it to shreds putting it rightly so in its place. (For Honest Booze Reviews readers this is when we stopped working via Nerdfit.)


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Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban 750mL

Ladies and gents I’ve got some saddening news – booze reviews (On Nerdfit) is ending. I had meant to tell you this last week, but the scotch was ruined so badly by a Sherry Cask that I didn’t want to rain more shit on the annual crap parade. Fear not we will be back in the form of a newly-ventured project, but with the recent restructuring of Nerdfit you have to admit we’ve always been a bit out of place on Nerdfit.


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Glenmorangie Lasanta 750mL

Now those of us who’ve read this column know that we love scotch. We love scotch so much we’d actually marry it – despite thinking marrying anything not human is beyond weird. So while Justice was journeying through many places one of his highlights was Glenmorangie. A solid scotch that we all enjoy from time to time. So when we saw that there was a tasting pack of Glenmorangie’s starters (aka nothing over the age of 12) we gladly picked it up.


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Johnnie Walker Gold Label 750mL

A more noble beverage I have not yet tasted.

Too formal?  I personally don’t think so.  If nothing else when I first tried this scotch while dressed in a suit vest I was probably a bit under-dressed.  Today on Booze Reviews ladies and gentlemen, I, Justice, will show you the end of a legacy.  That’s right, we’ve finally finished the full spectrum of Johnnie Walker scotches with this very appropriate choice:  Johnnie Walker Gold Label.


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Johnnie Walker Red Label 750mL

Hola! Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone! I bet you’re wondering why we’re not using this golden opportunity to review a tequila – to which I can only say an old Spanish proverb. “It is not one to review that one cannot remember.” Now I’m not sure what that means but it sounded profound enough to excuse away why we started this morning with some scotch. Justice had actually considered mixability with cereal, but then we couldn’t decide which cereal. (Hint: should have been CTC)


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