Blanton’s The Original Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey 750mL

Unlike Dimple Pinch, I actually knew a piece of popular culture that this whiskey is used in, notably John Wick. Now John Wick is an amazing movie for many reasons, but after a very hard day, John relaxed with this whiskey to dull his pain on recommendation by Winston. The whiskey itself is actually quite good, and it’s easy to see why it was chosen for a piece of prop design.

The point being that it shouldn’t actually be a 100 or more dollar bottle of whiskey, this is for not an everyday man, but a humbler man. However it needed to be something iconic, that looks great on screen (or in the bar), and this fits that build more than many whiskies. I am almost sad how far gone this is now, because it’s a great whiskey on rocks.


What they Say: (Booklet) “The finest bourbon in the world comes from a single barrel – never blended with whiskey from any other barrel. Bourbon’s peak maturity varies from barrel to barrel, and only a Master Distiller can determine the exact moment the whiskey has been aged to perfection and deemed worthy of the Blanton’s label. Which means, no barrel of Blanton’s is ready until it’s truly ready.

Colonel Albert B. Blanton’s time-honored tradition lives on today through the handful of barrels from the center of Warehouse H that are selected to become Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon. This sour mash bourbon whiskey has body, bouquet and character unrivaled by any other. This is ‘The Original Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey’

(Bottle) We believe this is the finest bottle of whiskey ever produced, affording you extra flavor, bouquet, and character.”


Taste: 7.0 – There’s a nice complexity of sweetness and spice to this whiskey, and it’s really enjoyable.

Aftertaste: 6.0 – Here you get the burnt caramel you would want from a single barrel whiskey. I do wish there was a bit more complexity here.

Burn/Smooth: 7.0 – The burn is minor, but the warmth and overall smoothness make this fantastic.

Aroma: 6.0 – It’s got some spice and heat to it. There’s a singe of burn, and I wish it had a more smoky aroma.

Honesty: 9.5 – So there text says that they feel it’s good, not stating it as fact, and most of it is dedicated to how and when it was taken off the line. You add the aesthetic of the bottle shape, the derby horse on the top and this is already a damn good score. Then and sure it’s not totally fair to do so, but you add the John Wick factor, and this does probably too well here.

Mixability: 6.75

W/ Rocks: 7.5 – This blends the taste and aftertaste together, and overall does quite a good amount of help to the whiskey. I wouldn’t put a lot of ice here, but add a cube.

Whiskey and Coke: 6.0 – Yes it’s a good whiskey and cola, but while I did this to confirm this – you take this straight, or better with a bit of ice.

Value: 5.0 – I actually got this for a whole 10 dollars cheaper, and I wish it had stuck to that 50 dollar price point. However it’s a nice tasting whiskey so I can’t fault it too hard despite the larger price tag.

Google Shop Average: $60



Reviewer Scores:

BuffaloJern: 7.5

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Metric Score: 47.25/70 |+| Metric Average: 6.75 |+| Reviewer Average: 7.5

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Final Thoughts: I considered holding this review until the 2nd movie comes out in February, but consider this a Christmas gift. Speaking of Christmas gifts – expect a lot of scotch to show up because it’s all the lounge received. I have some tequila and rum to space out against.

As for this? Go buy a bottle (especially if you get it sub-60), and put on John Wick.


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