Smuttynose Ry(e)an Ale

Sorry this article is a week late, but I tried to login to the site at three separate occasions only to get a server error – which I took as a sign to get really drunk for my birthday and burn a pizza box using my fridge. Either way we come now to the final review of the Nauticon Panel and as you should – we’re finishing with a beer. A beer so rare only a single brand of store sells it, in essentially a single state, in a single part of the country.


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Shipyard Old Thumper

We then go across the pond (more on that in the coming months btw), and try their British bitter style beer. Perhaps as it was cold I was more apt to enjoy it, but as I and everyone else found out British bitters are not terribly pleasant. Surely not an awful beer, but the aftertaste and overall feel of the beer doesn’t blend well.


Shipyard Old Thumper ESB: 5.5/10 – Ends weirdly, not a bad tasting brew but it’s not really enjoyable. This isn’t a beer you’d seek out, this is the beer that they have on tap that’s cheap, and while it’s not awful it can pair well with the right food, but it’s not a beer to write home about.

Google Shop Average: (Prices at Brew Haus for Draught) – $5.50


Shipyard Sea Dog/Smashed Blueberry

We then were very much surprised by the Sea Dog Blueberry. Now being from WPI we know Wachusett’s Blueberry very well, but it never really struck us. Thankfully Shipyard has shown us the light and that when you make a blueberry beer you must not taste beer with hints of blueberry, but must feel like you’ve bitten into a pie with every sip.


Shipyard Sea Dog/Smashed Blueberry: 7.8/10 – Most blueberry beers are weak with a bit of blueberry taste thrown in, here it feels like they’ve really committed to the blueberry flavor and it really shows. The beer and hops are still prevalent but they’ve taken the back burner and honestly that’s what we want.

Google Shop Average: (Prices at Brew Haus for Draught) – $5.50


Shipyard Blue Fin Stout

Ahh finally onto a stout – now while this stout is in no way better than Guinness or Allagash draft it does beat Guinness bottles (again these are all on Draft and Guinness Draft may be one of the better things in this world.) However their selection is very solid and enjoyable.


Shipyard Blue Fin Stout: 7.4/10 – Its ends like a nice vanilla ice cream float, but overall it’s nicely balanced and flavorful. An all around good stout. We can’t begin to accurately describe the head on this beer, most heads are liquidly and to an extent half and half kinda creamy. It’s almost whipped here though and is nearly as thick as ice cream, which combos quite nicely with the rest of the stout.

Google Shop Average: (Prices at Brew Haus for Draught) – $5.50



Shipyard Export Ale

Our first foray was Shipyard’s main beer which is their Export Ale, but like most beers that are standard for the line we weren’t impressed though we acknowledge at times it’d be a great beer to have. Certainly above average it’s just not something we’d really go far that much.


Shipyard Export Ale: 6.6/10 – Good taste, it doesn’t grab us though. It’s got a nice flavor though, and the taste is a bit more bitter than your average Sam Adams or Smuttynose, but again it’s standard by release and taste.

Google Shop Average: (Prices at Brew Haus for Draught) – $5.50


Shipyard Applehead

Finally we come to the other flavored beer offered at the Brew Haus, and while it isn’t as tasty as that blueberry beer they show the same level of commitment to their apple beer as well. Our only misgiving is that between the cinnamon and apple flavoring there is too much beer taste.


Shipyard Applehead: 7/10 – Really enjoy the cinnamon they’ve added and much like the blueberry it’s committed to the blueberry flavor though you get more of the beer here. Normally this’d be okay and make no mistake you will sip this and go “hmm I detect hints of cinnamon”, but the beer feels like they used their English bitter here to try and pair with the apple, but it feels wrong.

Google Shop Average: (Prices at Brew Haus for Draught) – $5.50


Allagash Black

Allagash Black Belgian Stout: 8.8/10 – Just really really good. I <3 BEER. It’s dark and creamy, but still flavorful. Considering it’s cheaper than the other two it’s surprising how great this is, even among other stouts. This is what you want from beer, big flavor, a creamy head, and dark richness. We couldn’t be happier.


Google Shop Average: Black Belgian Stout $9 (All 750mL)