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So over Christmas a friend of mine gave me a joke gift of a beer poster. At first glance I was disgusted. Upon second glance I saw more that I recognized and realized it was a collection of just subpar beers. However after third glance I placed it on my wall and began a journey that we will embark upon together. I count 71 beers on there of which I’ve had close to 3 dozen, but oddly none have been reviewed here.


Now I must admit some of these will actually be hard to find solely in a New England store, but with some time and ingenuity I think it’s possible to get the whole list (although some may not even be available any more forcing me to get creative.)

Beer reviews will continue as normal, and the only change to the format will be the special linkback to the challenge and the number of the challenge completed.

Something that actually you can help with. So far I can identify 71 beers on this poster, but two of them the names are not shown, and I was unable to initially find out what beer they are. The images and the full list of names are below. I will also add a page that shows updated pictures as I feel it’s about time to break out the label maker and ruin this poster with some Honesty.


(The two beers I can’t identify at the top, click to enlarge)

czech_beer sing_with


Anyway here is the full list of beers:

  1. Holsten Pils
  2. Stella Artois
  3. Carlsberg Lager
  4. San Miguel
  5. Becks
  6. Budweiser
  7. Rolling Rock
  8. Sol
  9. Guinness Special Export
  10. Tiger Beer
  11. Steinlager
  12. Corona Extra
  13. Calsberg Export
  14. Aphrodite
  15. Labatt Ice
  16. Kronenbourg 1664
  17. Carib
  18. Carling
  19. Bishops Finger
  20. Fosters
  21. Heineken
  22. Red Stripe
  23. Grolsch
  24. Pilsner Urquell
  25. Badger Tangle Foot
  26. Efes Pilsner
  27. Cobra Lager
  28. Hoegaarden
  29. Budweiser Budvar
  30. Michelob
  31. Goliath
  32. Miller Genuine Draft
  33. McEwans 90
  34. Duvel
  35. Sagres
  36. Kingfisher
  37. Marston’s Pedigree
  38. Som’s Black Fort Lager
  39. Theakston Old Peculier
  40. Biera Corsa Colomba
  41. Newcastle Brown
  42. Dos Equis XX
  43. Lapin Kulta
  44. Keo Cyrprus
  45. Lindeboon Pilsner
  46. Biera Corsa Pietra
  47. Morland Hen’s Tooth
  48. Iguazu
  49. Fuller’s London Pride
  50. Stonehenge
  51. Amsterdamn Mariner Lager
  52. Murphy’s Irish Stout
  53. Zipfer
  54. Ruddles County
  55. Birra Messina
  56. Hoegaarden Grand Cru
  57. Estrella Damm Lager
  58. Tsingtao Beer
  59. Anchor Liberty Ale
  60. Douglas Scotch Ale
  61. Amstel (Not light)
  62. Kwak Beer
  63. Quilmes
  64. Super Bock
  65. Gold Fassl
  66. Peroni Export Lage
  67. Premium Verum Warsteiner
  68. Harboes Bear Beer
  69. Peroni Gran Riserva


I am the Buffalo editor and curator of Honest Booze Reviews

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