Skyy Vodka 750mL

Gentleman this is vodka.

Wait no, wrong intro.  Unfortunately it’s not Ketel One again this week.  Its Skyy Vodka…no, stop! Don’t go!  Tonight on booze reviews: a bear brings by some vodka and mauls some mixed drinks!  Not only that, a surprise ending, Skyy vodka is actually pretty good!  Oh, whoops, looks like I gave away the whole review in the tag line.  I’m going somewhere with this I swear…let’s start over.

skyyHello everyone, I am the man called Justice and I am here to unveil to you the vodka in the Skyy.  Forgive the goofy spelling that’s how it was on the bottle.  This review was a bit of an impromptu affair, but one we were pleasantly surprised at.  Our friend the Bear decided he needed to finish off his vodka and kindly donated it to the Buffalo Lounge for the purpose of reviewing the booze.  With some reluctance we accepted and took our positions.

Now none of us in the Buffalo Lounge are strangers to vodka.  It’s no stretch to say that some of our members (specifically Mr. DJ Lvl) pride themselves on their knowledge and taste for good vodkas.  We’ve reviewed some nice treats like Hammer and Sickle and Three Olives, and some mediocre disappointments like Russian Standard.  So when we got the opportunity to try Skye we took it bracing for the gagging.

To our surprise this vodka was actually not bad.  Hell I’d even go as far as to say it was slightly above average.  The scores say something similar.  In fact I’m about to go to them now.  Normally we’d have a section saying what the bottle said about itself and thus what manliness we could ascertain from it, however this week the bottle was bare.  Only the title and the required government warning adorned this minimalistic blue bottle.

What they say: “*silence*”

Well that’s all for the bottle, now it’s time we got our word in.


Taste: 7.16 – “The initial taste is kind of neutral. It tastes good.”  This vodka was  a surprise, we honestly thought it was going to taste god awful, but it ended up being decent.

Aftertaste: 5.58 – “Some found a weird taste, not bad just odd.” “It’s not creamy, but it does something to the tongue.”

Burn/Smooth:6.5 – “Little bit of kick, but there’s not much there.”

Aroma:6.2 – “There’s a smell of paint thinner, but it’s not strong or offensive.”

Honesty: 2.83 – “And then Lee was like guys blue bottle + euro trash bar, and that’s where this stands.”“It’s from San Fran.”“See the problem is that this doesn’t look good.”“There’s a utilitarian look, but that design is to make it stand out among blacklights.”


Vodka Tonic: 7.1 – Good vodka tonic.

White Russian:7.66 – “Makes an okay Russian.”“No complaints.”

Vodka Martini:7.8 – “Fairly decent vodka martini”

Screwdriver: 8.33 – “I love the taste of orange juice.”

Value: 7.16 – “It’s surprisingly well for what it is.”“Sure some make better drinks, but it’s also what you want.”

Google Shop Average: $17



Reviewer Scores:

William Henri Neve the IV:7



DJ_Lvl: 7

The Kraut: 7.5

The Bear: 7.5

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Metric Score: 43.15/70 |+| Metric Average: 6.16 |+| Reviewer Average: 7.08

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Final Thoughts:

Bear: “GrawrGrawrGrawr” Translation: “The Bear is out of vodka.”

“This was a surprise for how it tasted, it can make good mixed drinks.”

“Midshelf vodka that shines in various ways.”


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