Hochstadter’s Slow and Low

Our wine tasting store occasionally has a spirit or beer as a sidebar to their normal wine tastings. This week they had some Four Roses (which we don’t have the review since we tend to take a bit more time to appreciate a spirit that a public tasting can’t provide.) They did however have something else which we feel we can talk about.


Now this is sort of a quasi-premixed cocktail. It’s essentially an old-fashioned in a bottle, and it’s certainly not bad. However it suffers from a fatal flaw in that Old-Fashioned are always something that you personalize, the recipes and amounts used vary, and sometimes you even want a variation – having crushed ice or just chilled, cherry or orange muddled, or just orange bitters. It’s a cocktail that is always in flux, and to have it mass-created just feels odd.


(Of course we’ll have no scores here as this isn’t really a Buffalo Spirit Guide.)


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