Port Charlotte Scottish Barley Heavily Peated Islay Single Malt 750mL

I will say that Bruichladdich’s marketing prowess of standing out among the scotch aisle has certainly worked by proof of me purchasing it despite many choices on a New Hampshire trip. I am a fan of the peat and the Islay, and this practically shouted at me that I could find it here. However while the peat is certainly a very loud aspect of the whisky it lacks any sort of rhythm or complexity in it’s noise.


This review should have been a little more special since we got most of the band back together in upstate New Hmapshire to vacation review. (Sadly our DJ was absent, so we found a local bear who preferred whisky to honey) However like I said while peaty scotches are nice, this lacks the boldness of flavor that you would get from Laphroaig or Lagavulin and it’s as equally loud price point just make it an average single malt.


What they Say: “Peated to 40 P P M and bottled using Islay spring water from the Octomore field of farmer
James Brown.

The heavily – peated Port Charlotte spirit was some of the first to run after we had resurrected this wonderful Victorian distillery. While our core Bruichladdich spirit is elegant, complex and unpeated, a persistent thought intrigued us:

What would happen if we used our tall, long – necked Victorian stills to produce a heavily – The floral elegance of Bruichladdich and heavy peat – could it work? You will judge the results of this fascinating – and ongoing – mission for ourselves: The
Port Charlotte Peat Project.


Taste: 5.0 –  I detect notes of peat. A little too rough we have to admit.

Aftertaste: 6.0 – Heavy and floral enough to be light, and it lingers pleasantly.

Burn/Smooth: 5.12 – Burned a bit too much, but it does have a nice warmth – characteristic of it’s breed.

Aroma: 6.75 – A really peaty aroma, but it is quite single note.

Honesty: 4.12 – Charlotte is a girl spiders name, not scotch. This is really just so shouty loud things that you start to worry about it overcompensating. They did however restore a distillery and James Brown is the farmers name.

Mixability: 5.37

W/ Rocks: 5.37 – It rearranges the tastes, and while it slows down the punch in the face it lowers the aftertaste.

Value: 2.37 – That should just not cost that much.

Google Shop Average: $61

Website: http://www.bruichladdich.com/


Reviewer Scores:

BuffaloJern: 5.0

Justice: 4.5

The Bear: 4.0

William Henri Neve the IVth: 4.5

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Metric Score: 34.73/70 |+| Metric Average: 4.96 |+| Reviewer Average: 4.5

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Final Thoughts: While it’s okay for us to be excited and try the shiny and outlandish bottles you may find at your local store, take heed in our words. This scotch will hopefully languish due to it’s price, but do not be tempted by it’s shouting. If you are looking for a single malt from Islay maybe try something more refined that you can enjoy quietly.


I am the Buffalo editor and curator of Honest Booze Reviews

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