Shipyard Pumpkinhead

Shipyard Pumpkinhead: 8.0 – While we have reviewed formally the Smashed Pumpkin from Shipyard, we never actually gave a review of Pumpkinhead – mostly because we were too busy drinking it. We often get things to review as sort of an extra – whereas Pumpkinhead was always just a staple – why review it? Well I felt we should, because this is without a doubt the perfect blend of pumpkin, drinkability, and beer that you can get for a pumpkin beer. Are their better pumpkin beers – yes? But not that many, and those are on occasion – pumpkinhead isn’t meant to be a Ferrari, it’s your dependable Saab, and you wouldn’t change that.

Happy Thanksgiving folks, enjoy it with a Pumpkinhead.


Google Shop Average: Shipyard Pumpkinhead $8 for a 6-pack



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