Smuttynose Ry(e)an Ale

Sorry this article is a week late, but I tried to login to the site at three separate occasions only to get a server error – which I took as a sign to get really drunk for my birthday and burn a pizza box using my fridge. Either way we come now to the final review of the Nauticon Panel and as you should – we’re finishing with a beer. A beer so rare only a single brand of store sells it, in essentially a single state, in a single part of the country.


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Shipyard Export Ale

Our first foray was Shipyard’s main beer which is their Export Ale, but like most beers that are standard for the line we weren’t impressed though we acknowledge at times it’d be a great beer to have. Certainly above average it’s just not something we’d really go far that much.


Shipyard Export Ale: 6.6/10 – Good taste, it doesn’t grab us though. It’s got a nice flavor though, and the taste is a bit more bitter than your average Sam Adams or Smuttynose, but again it’s standard by release and taste.

Google Shop Average: (Prices at Brew Haus for Draught) – $5.50


Special – Smuttynose Brewery Tour/Scotch Ale

So for the next 3 weeks we’re going to be on vacation, and by vacation I mean Beercation. We headed to an undisclosed location at Sunday River in Maine – where there was snow.

Before we got there though we had to travel through a place called New Hampshire and we decided to stop off at a brewery in Portsmouth, NH. Which brewery, why none other than Smuttynose. Fans and those that can use the Beer tag will note we’ve reviewed Smuttynose’s Imperial Stout in our Beer Around the World where we substituted it for English beer – because I hate London Pride.


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Brooklyn Brown Ale

It was midnight in the big city when I decided I needed a drink. The shoe that is life started to press down upon me and I was but a mere cockroach of a human. The world was a cruel mistress and I was but a sweaty politician that had lost everything and now she was turning her back on me. I knew that the only relief for me would be sitting at the bottom of a glass somewhere out in this wretched world and so I set out to find my salvation.


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