Olmeca Altos Reposado Tequila 750mL

I’m not gonna lie – I wish the raised lettering on this wasn’t there so I could upcycle this as a decanter (it also has a screw cap, so bleh). Anyway figured I’d throw in another tequila since I picked one up for cheap(er) at New Hampshire. I was going for something not too expensive, but that could be an actual tequila compared to some of the things we tried recently a while back.


The good news here is that I’m not going to say this is sweet, or like a white rum, or lacking power. If you want a tequila – you found one in Olmeca Altos. I have to say though for the price – sitting in my bar you’d expect it to be a bit more – and I’m a big fan of classy tequilas. As opposed to say, murder tequilas.


What they Say: “Hecho en Mexico, Stone crushed, Handpicked agave.” Note these are in different parts of the bottle, but aside from the government warning, that’s about all it says.


Taste: 6.5 – It’s a nice blend of caramel and agave, and is certainly agreeable. A little strong on the agave.

Aftertaste: 7.0 – Here it continues that taste, but the agave mellows, and the lingering aftertaste is pleasant.

Burn/Smooth: 4.0 – It does twinge a little in your throat so it’s not really smooth, but it’s not burning your insides.

Aroma: 8.0 – That is actually a really really good smelling tequila.

Honesty: 7.0 – See I want to give it classy point for it’s bottle, but then it has a screw cap though. To be fair it’s still very nice to look at, there’s no wank on the bottle, and the tequila is upfront so it does well here.

Mixability: 5.5

W/ Rocks: 4.0 – Figured I’d give this a go as a sipping tequila, and while it leaves you with a very nice aftertaste, it kills the power.

Tequila Sunrise: 7.0 – You may need to do a slightly stronger sunrise, but when you do, it’s very good.

Value: 7.5 – While that’s 1800 pricing – I’m divided over which I’d choose, maybe a blind taste test is in order.

Google Shop Average: $24

Website: http://www.olmecaaltos.com/


Reviewer Scores:

BuffaloJern: 7.0

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Metric Score: 45.5/70 |+| Metric Average: 6.5 |+| Reviewer Average: 7.0

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Final Thoughts: We’ve not reviewed the 1800 reposado (we’ve had it though) so I think that should be next to help me determine my tequila of choice among these two (at that price range)


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