Smuttynose Really Old Brown Dog (Julio’s Whiskey Barrel Aged)

Smutty Julio’s: 4.5 – A little over a month ago we had a slightly different version of this, with the addition of being Bourbon Barrel Aged and Vanilla & Cinnamon. While that was sadly lacklustre it was thankfully not overly sweet. A feat that is sort of accomplished here. Listen, this is not a syrup sugar bomb, but despite the layers of complexity this has it’s just too much, for not enough enjoyment. Yes it has depth, but those BBA characteristics almost get in the way of that somehow, and overall you get a beer that is at times too sweet, and other times a bit harsh. We know that a BBA can be done, and done well, but this isn’t it.

Price Average: $?? – possibly not available


Bruery Tart of Darkness

Bruery Tart of Darkness: 1.5 – It’s a stout, wait no it’s not. They decided to put spices and age the beer in barrels, and I have to wonder if they just had a large bad batches of beer, and are trying to pass it off as a ‘sour stout’ which are words that just seem like they shouldn’t be in the same sentence. I enjoy tart things, but even for tart this beer is just awful. Bruery is a fantastic company, and we enjoy many of their beers, but not this.


Google Shop Average: Bruery Tart of Darkness $24