Jack’s Abby Pumpkin Crop Lager

Jack’s Abby Pumpkin Crop Lager: 4.5 – While the lager backing certainly gave this a different feel than other pumpkin beers (which are typically ales) it’s overall a rather luckluster beer, and rather disappointing coming from the Abby (who we are huge fans of, especially with Smoke and Dagger.), but it’s an experiment and one that’s not-not worth a try.


Google Shop Average: Jack’s Abby Pumpkin Crop Lager $(Likely out of stock)

Website: http://jacksabbybrewing.com/

Sabeco Saigon Export

Now let’s head to Vietnam. One of us (Huanlai) actually hails from this country which means he’s a communist immigrant. Who loves capitalism and has often said that America despite what people say is pretty sweet. That aside this Saigon Ale is about average in terms of taste, and its low score really reflects value and manliness. They don’t say anything, even the Vietnamese is just information on packaging.


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Tusker Lager

Now we head south for a little bit into the wilderness known as Kenya, where there are Kenyans. It’s here we prove that while your beer can be manly that doesn’t make it the best. Which considering from our first review of Highland Park – A scotch made by an man named Magnus and made under a church makes a lot of sense. It was manly too, but it was still just mediocre.


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Grade 9 Extra Lager

Ahh, and so we head to the ice cold land of Russia. With a beer we feel exemplifies the beer of the working class Russian. This means of course to us snooty beer tasters in America that this beer doesn’t taste that great, because we’ve yet to have the privilege of working in a Russian factory. Regardless though it’s a fine beer, and it feels like they put vodka in it (the creamy aftertaste) and considering the higher proof – they just might have. Considering Russian workers don’t need to read this bottle has nothing to say.


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Samuel Adams Boston Lager

WELCOME! Beer is something we’ve often had in the Buffalo Lounge, but we never really got around to reviewing it in favor of spirits. So we began with an initial set of reviewing beers around the world. These have been broken into smaller articles. Now you may noticed a format similar to our spirit reviews – in the future beers will just have a short paragraph and an overall/reviewer score.


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