Guinness Draught

Then we’re in the Irish Isles with the beer that’s become synonymous with class, distinction, and brilliance. I am of course talking about Guinness. Guinness is fantastic and getting it on draft is one of the best simplest pleasures life can offer you. I think all of us can agree regardless of the scores: Guinness isn’t the best beer in the world, but it’s one the best beer you can get in any bar worth a damn, and not be turned away because they don’t have it.


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Smuttynose Imperial Stout

Next we head the England, but it’s not really England. It’s actually New Hampshire – but the lager is made English style, so that’s close enough. I know – I asked William the IVth why when told to get beers for a review Around the World he choose a New Hampshire beer, but he responded basically that he does what he does, and then he does it. SO, anyway this tasted very much like it came from across the pond, and is actually quite good.


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