Summer Vacation: Beer Camp 2016

Alright campers, time to end our Summer Vacation beer specials with a trip to beer camp. In previous years Beer Camp was an interesting idea where a bunch of breweries collaborated to make a 12 pack of unique beers. This time the field has expanded to include 30+ breweries but for only 6 beers! A fact that may actually come back to haunt this sampler like the ghost stories of our youth.


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The Lost Abbey Gift of the Magi Ale

Gift of the Magi Ale: 5.5 – (We normally do a post Wed/Thurs, but we lift this a bit later for Christmas theme) Anyway we come to the Gift of the Magi, and while I have no idea what Frankincense and Myrrh taste like, I suppose the dark and sweet fruit is meant to represent that somehow. Either way while this is a nice beer, I’m just not sold on the taste.


Google Shop Average: Gift of the Magi Ale $10