1800 Silver Tequila 750mL

ODELAYYYYY! Hola, amigos! Welcome to another edition of booze reviews where we get alcohol poisoning for your benefit. Writing the review this week, in all his glory, is MC Will Power aka Diego Neve aka Mexi-bro aka William Henri Neve the Fourth! Oh and also involved were Justice, DJ LvL and Buffalo Jern. This week we reviewed the delicious treat of Mexican Gods…tequila. 1800 Silver Tequila to be exact.


First, I must remind people who have read our reviews before of how this works, and for you shameful lot that have not read anything shame on you! Basically we imbibe ourselves on the alcoholic beverage, go through a list of 7 different categories that are CRUCIAL to an inebriated nirvana or an ethanol induced expulsion of said liquor. We then average the scores, give an overall score and comment on the positives and negatives of said drink.

1800 Tequila (a drink of Mexicans, by Mexicans, and advertised by an Italian in Michael Imperioli from The Sopranos) is a drink that is made from 100% agave, which they so explain in their writing on the bottle. Tequila usually has a strong taste to it so shots are traditionally taken by licking salt, taking a shot, and then eating a lime to chase. The combination of said flavors creates a mix of all types of flavors from sour to savory to sweet and salty. It is an experience some love and others hate, as the agave flavor is one that is polarizing as far as enjoyment goes.

My experience with tequila has been one of cringing at the fact that something so fun to drink and that involves eating a lime can be something I do not enjoy so much. The agave flavor is one that I do not enjoy per say. In short bursts I can find enjoyment but usually tequila is so overpowering with agave flavor that I cannot enjoy it. It is a sad experience when I cannot enjoy booze and I would rather have it not happen.

1800 Tequila, however, is very different. When I took my first shot I expected to be overwhelmed by the taste of agave and ethanol mixed into a swirling swill that gives a sensation of feeling squeamish. 1800 came at me with the agave flavor I expected but in an amount that was tolerable and sweet. It was a fantastic experience that—then the aftertaste kicked in and I felt like I had my tongue manipulated and raped and that is was now sitting in the fetal position crying in the shower eating cookies with cold water running all over it.

The tequila had lied to me and I felt betrayed. Yet, when I tried it with salt and lime it was like hanging out with my good buddies, saltiness, sweetness, and sour. The tequila tantalized my taste buds and tickled them with happiness. This was a different level of tequila from anything I had ever had and I was enjoying it for the first time of me drinking tequila.

What they say: “The first drops of Tequila began to flow from our Copper Pot stills in the year 1800. This is the year in which real Tequila was born and we commemorate it with 1800 Tequila Reserva. Using only 100% Agave harvested and handpicked from our family owned ranches, in Jalisco, Western Mexico, 1800 Silver is double distilled for a smoother, cleaner flavor. Our range of handcrafted Tequilas includes Silver Select (100 Proof), Resposado, and Anejo – please try them all to experience the taste of real tequila.” (They then have instructions on how to use the “shot glass” on the top)”


Taste: 7.75 – Nice taste. Really good.

Aftertaste: 5.625 – Has a tequila aftertaste, I mean there is worse, but because the beginning is so good the aftertaste ruins opinions on it. It might be better than most but for what it should be. Quicker aftertaste.

Smoothness/Burn: 7.75 – Supa-smooth. No real burn. Very pleasant. No gagging unlike some other tequila.

Aroma: 7.5 – Very pleasant smell comparatively, Really sweet smell, hint of fruit.

Honesty: 7.75 – Bottle looks classy. A real Mexican knows how to never pull out, have a bunch of kids, and jump 8 feet straight up in the air. Negative points for the instructions of the usage of tequila. We like the design/color scheme as well.

Mixability: 8

Salt and Lime: We could barely taste the agave compared to the lime and salt. Not as potent and overbearing. Taste just long enough to enjoy it.

Tequila Sunrise: Doesn’t mix all the way in; appeal of the nice agave but with nice orange juice aftertaste. But it tastes like most other tequila sunrises.

Value: 7.375 – Good not the greatest for its value should be lower. Above par.

Google Shop Average: $26

Website: http://www.1800tequila.com/


Reviewer Scores:

DJ_Lvl: 7

William Henri Neve IV: 8

Justice: 7

BuffaloJern: 8

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Total Score: 51.75/70 |+| Metric Average: 7.39 |+| Reviewer Average: 7.5

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Final Thoughts:

As stated before by me and then reiterated by Jern and Justice “It’s tequila you can taste that but tequila hasn’t tasted this good in a long time.” The way we characterized it overall is that this is “Taking everything into account it’s pretty good. Good not brilliant.” The bottle is something you would advertise by showing it out in the open in your home and be proud of your choice look wise as well as taste wise. However, Justice took issue with the inside of the bottle because it makes the liquid look blue. Tricky bottle. DJ Lvl, a man that does not care for caring, said “pbbbbbhhhhhtttttt.” Guess he became bored.

As far as my feelings go, this tequila is something that I enjoyed thoroughly and would be my choice if I ever wanted tequila. As a half Italian American that enjoys Mexican products and dressing as a Mexican even in the face of seeming undeniably racist, this is what tequila should be. I slight jolt of flavor that agave brings to the table but nothing that will overwhelm you to gag.

Overall I would say that if you want a tequila that is good for value and good in taste, go for this. If you want the best of the best in tequila then this is not for you and the $60 bottles that are on the top shelf are for you; however, at that point I would rather just go get a bottle of scotch. Hell, my father jut picked up a thing of The Glenlivet 12 year scotch with two mini glasses and nips of the 15 and 18 year in a package for $35. Which is why this review is about to end so abruptly.

2 thoughts to “1800 Silver Tequila 750mL”

  1. Like the tequila. But the bottle has a plastic cork with a glass top very hard to get off. I preferred the screw top bottle. I won’t buy one with the cork top.

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