Victory Wild Devil Ale (IPA)

Victory Wild Devil Ale: 8.0 – First to be fair as a beer overall this is a 6 at best, and I was tricked into thinking it was a wild ale, when in fact it is an IPA – now I’ve tried many IPA’s but eagle eyed viewers will notice we have no reviews of it (which I’m certain ruins our beer and hipster cred) this is because we hate IPA’s. All of them, like as a category they are basically awful. However for this it doesn’t taste like an IPA (read: weed, your shitty beer tastes like weed you West Coast beer nerds) and while it’s certainly as hoppy as say an American pale, it’s not too hoppy, and there’s other flavors going on as well. So in that regards it gets in 8 for being the only good IPA.


Google Shop Average: Victory Wild Devil Ale $10



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