3 Major Updates for October

Greetings folks, and to those who find us via Google or follow along weekly – just a bit of an update. There will be no posts (Spirit/Beer/Wine) for the month of October. We’ll be taking a break to make serious headway on three upgrades to the site itself detailed below.

  1. An updated look – you may noticed our temporary look due to some overall backend updates, but we’ll be doing a few things in regards to styling, some page changes, changes to the cocktail page, an updated contact and FAQ page, and more. This includes
  2. The Stats Page – as you see in our posts we mention a stats page, but if honest it’s not been updated in years since we moved and expanded, and it doesn’t include beer or wine. We’ll be updating that into something that’s actually useful. This is the main reason for the time off as even doing this semi-automatically from database scripts will take time to clean and process the data. Once it’s up though it’ll be much easier to keep regular updates on it.
  3. Finally we are changing (may have seen last week) Manliness to Honesty. No before a bunch of ‘oh PC culture is ruining everything’ folks get up in arms – kindly sit down and shut up you cunts. When we started this endeavor we weren’t even called Honest Booze Reviews (back on the Nerdfit site) but we needed a term. Something that captured the text on the bottle, the look, how it made you feel, whether it was classy, or rugged, but mainly true to itself. It was the X-Factor, but we couldn’t think of a good word to catch all of that so we went with a broad term of manliness (being mostly male reviewers) and that was that. Recently though our head writer had a conversation with someone (at a bar) describing the site, and that category, and the person said ‘Well if you’re Honest Booze Reviews, why not make it Honesty and review that?’ After discussing with the others the lightbulb of an idea caught fire, and now it’d be dishonest to not change it – because quite frankly it’s not because it’s ‘PC’. It’s just better. And if you don’t like it? Fuck off. We’ll be going through the backlog and updating, and aside from direct reference to the metric name the text and scores will remain the same.


Now we’ll be back to regular updates for November and December (as it’s the holiday’s and our busiest site traffic months). So see you all then.


I am the Buffalo editor and curator of Honest Booze Reviews

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