Anestasia Vodka 750mL

Alright of the recent vodka reviews I have saved the best for last. This vodka was bought simply because of how beautiful the bottle looked. I wanted to buy an iceberg and lo and behold a NH liquor store supplied. I do wish with a name like Anestasia that this was as Russian as Putin himself, but it comes from Oregon.


I mean shit son, look at that thing. While I truly do wish this was about 20% better (even if the price scaled with it) this is a good mixing vodka, and it stands out in such a good way. I also wish it wasn’t ‘hand-crafted in America’ because that likely betrays why it tastes like it does. Because even of the better American vodka’s don’t have what I want here. which is the crispest most clean vodka possible.


What they Say: “Quintuple quartz crystal filtration. Bottle design by Karim Rashad. Made with recycled glass. Distilled from grain.”


Taste: 7.0 – That initial hit is quite clean and fresh.

Aftertaste: 4.0 – However the aftertaste suffers from a much cheaper vodka taste.

Burn/Smooth: 3.0 – This should be the pinnacle of clean and smooth, but it’s so not.

Aroma: 3.0 – For a price and a bottle that looks this I would want it to smell like a fresh snowfall or the sky after an icy rain. Instead it’s the sub-standard nail polish smell.

Honesty: 6.5 – Listen at this point, ignore the literature, ignore the smell and taste. This looks baller as shit in your bar, and while you can try and claim ‘I want vodka not modern art Mr. Rashad’ the short and long is this looks awesome.  It’s what you expect a suave bond villain to have.

Mixability: 6.5

Vodka Tonic: 6.0 – That makes a good vodka tonic.

White Russian: 7.0 – Okay I really like that Russian.

Value: 5.0 – For just the contents I would say this is bad value; however for buying a piece of modern art it’s quite cheap.

Google Shop Average: $34



Reviewer Scores:

BuffaloJern: 6.0

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Metric Score: 35/70 |+| Metric Average: 5.0 |+| Reviewer Average: 6.0

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Final Thoughts: At the end of the day this makes some good vodka cocktails and looks good in your bar. I really think that’s high praise despite the fact that it is otherwise a pretty mediocre vodka, and has a whiff of cheapness to the quality.


I am the Buffalo editor and curator of Honest Booze Reviews

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