Bacardi White Rum 750mL

Well we reviewed the new kid on the block, let’s talk about what is the undisputed king of white rums in terms of marketing and units sold. Yes ladies and gents it’s time to get white girl wasted and talk Bacardi


Now we’re not huge fans of Bacardi, they either seem to be fire water which can be easily switched out, or doing something they really shouldn’t be doing. Bacardi White though is there staple (of which they have the citrus and fruit branches much like your big budget vodka does)

Now I’ve occasionally picked this up, but I find things like DonQ to do a better job – and that’s with my limited knowledge of white rums, so it’s as I say above. This is the white rums of white rums, but it’s not really the best thing to go for if you have the capability.

What they Say: “Enjoy Responsibly(Which I think they sort of spearheaded that movement iirc.)


Taste: 4.5 – Its initial taste is vodka like in it not being there. I could see how maybe that’s the desired effect, but I’m just not on board with that idea, especially considering what comes next.

Aftertaste: 2.0 – This isn’t murderous, and it’s not going to give you cancer, but god is it a bad taste. It’s not tied to the burn, but it’s simply unpleasant to have straight.

Burn/Smooth: 4.0 – It doesn’t burn your throat going down; however that aftertaste is just so bad it takes the rum way out of the territory of ‘smooth.’

Aroma: 6.0 – You get that faint smell of the rum, and almost nothing else at least in terms of burn/warning. It doesn’t smell delicious though.

Honesty: 3.0 – Bacardi has always been the party drink and represented by yacht parties and tiki bars. It’s an image that fits with them because it’s not a great ad to show drunk white chicks. Bacardi really doesn’t have any selling points despite that guy who sponsored it a few years back (and the 151).

Mixability: 5.5

Rum and Coke: 5.0 – I do have a fond memory of sneaking one of these in a coke bottle while watching my grandparents dogs while they went on vacation, but its average.

Faux Mojito: (Rum + Mint Liqueur): 6.0 – It’s okay (as far as poor man mojito’s go)

Value: 5.0 – It’s certainly cheaper than some other very drinkable rums, and it’s better than the new Captain Morgan in terms of price, but it’s a standard – not desirable.

Google Shop Average: $15



Reviewer Scores:

BuffaloJern: 4.0

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Metric Score: 30.0/70 |+| Metric Average: 4.28 |+| Reviewer Average: 4.0

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Final Thoughts:

Bacardi may be king of the white rum market, but I sure as shit didn’t vote for it to be.


I am the Buffalo editor and curator of Honest Booze Reviews

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