Buffalo Wine Cellar 2014

No weekly wine this week, instead let’s talk about wine. This won’t be as expansive as last year’s due to me buying wine more often because I’ve already tried it and know I liked it (what a crazy thing wine-tastings are). But sometimes there’s a week or more where I’ve now run out of wine, and didn’t care for what was offered, and also decided to try something new.

2007 Bodega Norton Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon


Price: ~$18

From: Mendoza, Argentina

Score: B+


2011 Santa Ema Select Terroir Cabernet Sauvignon


Price: ~$9

From: Chile

Score: B


2012 Avalon Cab (Cabernet Sauvignon)


Price: ~$11

From: California

Score: C+


2005 Congress Springs Cabernet Sauvignon


Price: ~$10

From: California

Score: B-


2007 Firestone Cabernet Sauvignon


Price: ~$17

From: Santa Ynez Valley, California

Score: C-


2010 Jacob’s Creek Shiraz Cabernet


Price: ~$8

From: Australia

Score: B


I am the Buffalo editor and curator of Honest Booze Reviews

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