Grant’s Blended Scotch Whisky The Family Reserve 700mL

First off we typically have 750mL to the point where writing it is habit, and occasionally we get a 1L thrown in. This week (and truly the next few months) will come from Britain so expect some off the wall numbering and selections as we explore spirits that aren’t casual fare in the states. (Gotta support those worldwide readers of this global site)

Grant’s though much like our Anejo last week may call itself scotch, but in many ways it’s not. If this hadn’t been poured from the bottle directly it would call into question whether a thrifty bar owner has watered it down some way. Although that’s not exactly right – more like if a whiskey flavored candle was supposedly converted back into whiskey – that’s what this is like.


What they Say: “Patiently crafted for a rich, smooth, and complex style.” The back has some complex stuff that’s new so we took a picture.


Taste: 2.0 – It’s not vile, kind of sweet, but like the aroma it’s just not ‘there’. I wouldn’t call it watered down, but it’s kind of like certain flavors of powerade. You can tell the intent of the flavor was there, and it’s certainly not watery, but it’s wrong.

Aftertaste: 4.0 – That sort of works? Clearly it’s a cheap blended scotch, but at least by that metric this is nearly par?

Burn/Smooth: 6.0 – At least one benefit of the blend is that this doesn’t burn really, there’s a sharp twinge at the end that otherwise ruins the smoothness. As for a pleasant warmth – look elsewhere.

Aroma: 2.0 – That does not smell like scotch, it smells like the idea of whiskey. It’s not hurting you or terrible. Scotch though is meant to have a ‘drink me I came from an angel’s breast’ sort of flavor, which this sorely lacks.

Honesty: 5.0 – So none of that was a lie, since style is kind of hard to define, and the bottle is a triangle shape. That being said, this whisky is a lie. It’s a lie about being real whisky. This barely even gets your drunk despite it’s 40%.

Mixability: 3.5

W/ Rocks: 3.5 – That did absolutely no favors, it did make it colder at least which is marginally better.

Value: 6.0 – I’ll give them this, it’s certainly damn cheap, but seriously at what cost? There’s better ways to get drunk, or save money.

Google Shop Average: $15



Reviewer Scores:

BuffaloJern: 3.5

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Metric Score: 28.5/70 |+| Metric Average: 4.07 |+| Reviewer Average: 3.5

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Final Thoughts: Well sorry folks that our first foray in a 3 month journey of UK-centric spirits is such a let-down. Know that we feel it too, that while we rail and nitpick against every aspect we truly wish that something does well, because it means we get to drink it.


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