Hacienda Vieja Tequila Blanco 750mL

So this was recently at a wine tasting at my local shop, and I was surprised by how clean it tasted that I decided to buy it at the sale price it was for. The Buffalo Lounge has a lot of transient spirits, but only a select few get bought again and again to fill decanters, or be used as infusers. This however is a high contender for replacing my standard silver tequila.


It does this – again, by just being very drinkable neat or on the rocks, and very well in a mixed cocktail. The price point is also something that I am fond of compared to my other tequila preferences. The main downside here though is that I’ve not seen this as common or in a handle – however since this is a fan pic of my local store I should be well stocked in the future.


What they Say: “” (just Govt. warning, and production info)


Taste: 7.5 –It’s sweet, and it hits you with a great agave flavor without giving you some added offness.

Aftertaste: 8.0 – It’s certainly a silver tequila, but it just ends so cleanly that I’m a little confused by it. I love it though.

Burn/Smooth: 6.0 – There is actually a slight burn here, but that clean aftertaste kills it real quick.

Aroma: 6.5 – That’s more like a vodka – you get just a hint of the agave here. Nice though.

Honesty: 5.0 – The picture and stippling of the bottle texture actually do a lot here, and it feels so nice and authentic looking. Then however whatever points it had were lost when it had the awful dreaded pour sprout.

Mixability: 7.0

w/ Rocks: 7.5 – I was wondering if this would be better, but it’s much the same if just a little more agave flavored, and less burn.

Tequila and Lime: 5.5 – I kind of don’t see the point of this, I’d rather just have this straight or throw the lime and salt into it.

Tequila Sunrise: 8.0 – Oh that’s good, the cleanliness means it nearly disappears aside from the twinge of agave flavoring.

Value: 7.0 – For a silver that good – that is a damn fine price. I’m not even considering that I got on sale for 3 bucks less. This was a fav pick from my local store owner, and I should listen to him more often.

Google Shop Average: $19

Website: http://www.tequilahaciendavieja.com/


Reviewer Scores:

BuffaloJern: 7.0

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Metric Score: 47/70 |+| Metric Average: 6.71 |+| Reviewer Average: 7.0

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Final Thoughts: It’s rare I praise a silver tequila so high (despite the <7 score, trust me this is quite good in my mind). I wish that the few rough spots it had could have been fixed (like that goddamn pour spout), but nothing can be perfect so it gets what it gets.


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