Weekly Wine – July 1st 2011

For this segment to happen I am going to take you all the way back to 2010. All the way back to the end of last year as this is when we actually reviewed these wines but Lee is too much of a douchenozzle to actually do anything for any segment or show we do. Due to this ineptitude, I have been tasked with writing about something I keep near and dear to my heart: vagina. Oh and wines.

Editor’s Note: Apologies for William, but also this is the first ‘Wine-Tasting’ we use for Weekly Wine; however later on we’ll have articles for wine every week since DJ_Lvl, and The Buffalo attend a local wine-tasting.

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Johnnie Walker Blue Label Scotch 750mL

Hello and welcome to a particularly momentous edition of booze reviews.  I am the man called Justice, and I am happy.  On our final night together at college we decided to celebrate by purchasing what I would venture to call the King of Blended Scotches: Johnnie Walker Blue Label.  Now up until this point I was the only one who’d tried this scotch previously, so this time I was determined to put on my most critical booze reviews face and make certain that I didn’t give it any breaks.


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E & J VSOP Brandy Superior Reserve 750mL

Stop. Have you read Justice’s review of the XO E&J Brandy? If not then you should as this one is going to be kind of a continuation. I will give you time to do it now. Read it here. I am waiting…go read it. Done? Read it? Know a little more about brandies? Understand still that these reviews are done by the man called Justice, BuffaloJern, DJ_LvL and me, with my body booze free for the first time in a long time as I am trying to get fit, William Henri Neve IV? Good. Now that you know that and read about a mediocre to bad brandy…let me talk and walk you through an atrocious brandy.


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E & J XO Extra Smooth Brandy 750mL

Gross.  Okay well I’m done…okay so not really.

Hello and welcome to another week of Booze reviews!  I am the man called Justice, and I suffer through cheap brandy so you won’t have to.  This week we looked at two tiers of brandy from the same maker.   I will be walking you through E & J XO Extra Smooth Brandy, while my associate William Henri Neve IV will be taking you through their VSOP brandy, next week.  You really better thank us for this…


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Ayinger Ur Weisse

Well, well, well these other countries think they can do beer? They know nothing time to show them the correct way to beer – the German way. And the sad thing is (at least for America) is that the German way is right. We all agreed that while this beer isn’t inherently manly – it’s the best tasting thing we tried, and a damn good beer.


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Guinness Draught

Then we’re in the Irish Isles with the beer that’s become synonymous with class, distinction, and brilliance. I am of course talking about Guinness. Guinness is fantastic and getting it on draft is one of the best simplest pleasures life can offer you. I think all of us can agree regardless of the scores: Guinness isn’t the best beer in the world, but it’s one the best beer you can get in any bar worth a damn, and not be turned away because they don’t have it.


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Sabeco Saigon Export

Now let’s head to Vietnam. One of us (Huanlai) actually hails from this country which means he’s a communist immigrant. Who loves capitalism and has often said that America despite what people say is pretty sweet. That aside this Saigon Ale is about average in terms of taste, and its low score really reflects value and manliness. They don’t say anything, even the Vietnamese is just information on packaging.


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