Tanqueray Rangpur Gin 750 mL

Dear family and friends of the Honest Booze Review Community. 2 weeks ago members of the Honest Booze Review Crew took a vacation. Luckily William Henri Neve was found somewhere in a bar, and DJ_Lvl apparently never left. However Justice a dear friend of ours did not show at our scheduled review session. We had sat down ready to review a gin we’ve often recommended: The Tanqueray Rangpur.


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Buffalo Spirit Guide – Gin & Tonic

Greetings friends and mortals, I am the Buffalo. I have been tasked with guiding you to enlightenment of the world of the classic cocktail. My cohorts and I have been fairly prolific on our thoughts regarding spirits over the past several months, and while we make sure to include mixability as a metric it’s never been the forefront of our reviews. This is odd because while certainly things like taste and cost matter to us our biggest question upon re-purchasing is “how well does it make drink X?”

Take vodka as an example; we wax on about how good a vodka is and certainly there’s nothing wrong enjoying some cold vodka neat or on rocks, but when it comes to what we buy we always ask? “How good of a White Russian does it make?”

So then to start you off I can think of nothing better than my old favorite – The Gin & Tonic.


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The Kraken Black Spiced Rum 750mL

Hear ye, hear ye! Come and listen to me ye landlubbers…for I have a tale loaded with lust, liquor, and laceration. As the lot of you know from our other letters on this fancy internet thing our motley crew of me first mates Justice, The Buffalo, and Bard_LvL and I, The Empowered El Cap-i-tan William the Fourth, have written about various types of grog that we have stumbled across through our trips on the high seas and have given our two pence on what we thought of it. As we were traveling, we went on land and my crew went to pillage and gain the company of a lady. As they went into town I tended my ship just off the coast. As I came off the ship I heard the rattling of glass from below me in the ocean. I looked down and saw the gleaming of a bottle. I saw it was empty…but it looked as if it had a note in it. I picked it up and this is what I saw:

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