Shipyard Applehead

Finally we come to the other flavored beer offered at the Brew Haus, and while it isn’t as tasty as that blueberry beer they show the same level of commitment to their apple beer as well. Our only misgiving is that between the cinnamon and apple flavoring there is too much beer taste.


Shipyard Applehead: 7/10 – Really enjoy the cinnamon they’ve added and much like the blueberry it’s committed to the blueberry flavor though you get more of the beer here. Normally this’d be okay and make no mistake you will sip this and go “hmm I detect hints of cinnamon”, but the beer feels like they used their English bitter here to try and pair with the apple, but it feels wrong.

Google Shop Average: (Prices at Brew Haus for Draught) – $5.50



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