Allagash Nancy

Allagash Nancy: 7.0 – Considering the other short batch I’ve been able to buy like this was FV-13, I was a little expectant. No while this is certainly one of my favorite cherry flavored beers – it’s sadly not as good as it’s older brother. Still though if you can find this, and you’re a fan of cherries – do pick it up.


Google Shop Average: Allagash Nancy $14 (If you can find it.)


Allagash Bourbon Barrel Black

Allagash Bourbon Barrel Black: 8.5 – Continuing this week with amazing beers we get Allagash’s Bourbon Barrel Black which is their Black but aged in Bourbon Barrels. Now when we toured the Allagash brewery they mentioned they were doing this, and our thought was what sexual favours would be the best suited to get us a barrel. But alas we waited, and boy was it worth it. This beer is dark, and unlike other barrel aged beers, it gets it fucken right.


Google Shop Average: Allagash Bourbon Barrel Black $19