Allagash White

Allagash White: 7.0 – As far as a white ale goes, this is the standard we should all shoot for. Allagash’s white and black simply put are what all beer company’s should strive to have. A mainstay beer that is so good, but so drinkable and available that it spoils you. You think of the beer as par, and only when you venture out do you find out how misguided you’ve been.


Google Shop Average: Allagash White $10 for 4-Pack

Allagash FV-13

Allagash FV-13: 9.0 – This is by far one of the weirdest beers I’ve ever had, and also one my favorites. It’s kindred spirit is Allagash’s Interlude with it’s wine combo taste, but this is like a tier above. If I had a problem with this beer is that it was a limited short batch, and aside from a rare occurrence you will likely never find it. If you do, please contact me.



Google Shop Average: Allagash FV-13 $MP


Allagash Black

Allagash Black Belgian Stout: 8.8/10 – Just really really good. I <3 BEER. It’s dark and creamy, but still flavorful. Considering it’s cheaper than the other two it’s surprising how great this is, even among other stouts. This is what you want from beer, big flavor, a creamy head, and dark richness. We couldn’t be happier.


Google Shop Average: Black Belgian Stout $9 (All 750mL)