Badger Tanglefoot Ale


Badger Tangle Foot: 6.5 – So the issue here with these kind of reviews is that while this has some characteristics of lesser beers there is the right mixture of aftertaste lingering yet the majority of the beer ending clean. Its not delicious, but it is tasty and certainly can be enjoyed, and dare say is one of the beat of the poster so far

Price $18 for 8-pack


Count: 37/71

Summer Vacation: Meantime London Lager

Hey folks – so since it’s the summer – one would expect we’d take some time off, and maybe have a few less posts. Nope. Instead every Sunday we’ll have some destination beers (from what’s left of the UK at this point), and finally we’ll have a Beer Camp special. Happy Summer folks, have a beer.

Meantime London Lager: 3.0 – This is just a no good beer. It taste just reminds me of beers from our Poster Challenge. (I know kind of a downer to start with, but hey if the beer is no good – it’s no good)


Price Average: Name $4