SingleCut Beersmiths – Forty Things We Share

Forty Things We Share : 4.0 – Imagine a pale ale mixed with orange soda. That gives you an idea of the look, and to a certain degree the taste this beer provides. Its an okay hoppy pale ale (apparently is an American Double/IPA and Imperial), but the citrus here is more like koolaid citrus… I can’t find any mention of it on the site, and if it wasn’t showing up on the old BA and untapp’d I’d almost question if it really existed at all.


Price Average: Forty Things We Share $7 draft


Green Flash Brewing Co. Le Freak Ale

Le Freak Ale: 2.0 – It’s a combo of a Belgian Tripel and an American Imperial IPA (AIIPA?). Which is actually a good description of this beer. It’s got a strong taste, and I’m sure if you liked it would find this amazing. However I can attest that in my small sample size of a few people (damn you p values!) it’s unliekly you will enjoy this beer. It’s hoppy in all the wrong places, has gravity in all the wrong places – it’s a bastardized combo that shouldn’t exist.


Price Average: Le Freak Ale $9


Oskar Blues G’Knight Imperial Red Ale

Oskar Blues Goodnight: 8.5 – This was listed for high octane and it’s a bit more alcoholic, but this solves the issues where some reds are a bit too tart. This though has gravitas, and quite frankly it’s fuckin delicious. I got this at a bar, and quite frankly I’m glad that we do this site. I feel like others would see the can, and dismiss it out of hand –  which is sad for who great the beer is.

Craft Beer Review of Oskar Blues Brewery's G'Knight Imperial Red

Price Average: Oskar Blues Goodnight $13 for 6-Pack


Editor’s Note: So this is not a challenge post. We are still doing the challenge, but having passed the halfway point the finds are now much harder.