Auchentoshan 12yr 750mL

A Journey of Justice: Part 4

Dear Booze Reviewers,

Well everyone, I’m home.  Those of you in the Buffalo Lounge no doubt already know of my safe return to my homeland.  However, despite this I feel that I must recount to you the final days of my expedition.  You will recall that in my previous letter I told of my time in a faraway land with an exotic, yet strangely familiar single malt whisky.  It took me several weeks but eventually I found my way out of that place and back onto a path I felt led me to my destination.  My intuition proved true, as within a day I found myself standing before a treasure trove.


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Suntory Yamazaki Single Malt Whisky 12yr 750mL

A Journey of Justice: Part 3

Dear Booze Reviewers,

I’ve once again found it within my power to postmark a message to you.  Though my travels have been long and arduous I have once again made it to civilization.  I appear to be somewhere in the far east.  As you can imagine I was at first quite distraught as to where I found myself for this is not the land of Whiskey, being the beverage I sought after.  Here there is only sake, souju, and rice beer.  All great drinks in their own right, but none close to my prized drink: Scotch.  However, fate saw fit to prove this first impression wrong.  It wasn’t long before I stumbled upon and  old building tucked away in the mountains.  Even from a distance I knew that this was no ordinary building, in fact it was my favorite sort of building: a distillery.

Eventually using my wit and pack full of seemingly useless items, I managed not only to ascertain that this building was indeed a facility for distilling single malt whiskies, but also to procure a bottle of their single malt.  I knew after taking the first sip that I had not become lost in my travels, no.  It was fate’s drunken hand that had guided me here.  The whisky had a rich smoky taste that pulled me in right from the beginning.  After finding some ice (don’t ask me how) I poured myself a glass and set to my duties.


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The Balvenie Double Wood 12yr 750mL

A Journey of Justice: Part 2

I, JimmathyJethro Justice, have decided to write you once again, with tales of my travels.  I hope that all is well back in the Buffalo Lounge and I want you all to know that despite my traveling, I have not shirked my duties.  It has been nearly two weeks since my last correspondence and I have more tales to tell you about my search for inner mysteries of scotch.


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The Glenmorangie 10 Year Single Malt Scotch 750mL

A Journey of Justice: Part 1

Dear friends and comrades,

I, Jimmathy Jethro Justice, have just set out on a journey.  I know not when I will return or how long it will be before I can sample another alcoholic beverage with you again.  However, this is a journey I must undertake.  I have decided to catalog my journey and send back to you my adventures, so that you may share them with the world.

I set out two days past, donning my traveling cloak and packing only the barest of essentials.

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