Smuttynose Really Old Brown Dog (Julio’s Whiskey Barrel Aged)

Smutty Julio’s: 4.5 – A little over a month ago we had a slightly different version of this, with the addition of being Bourbon Barrel Aged and Vanilla & Cinnamon. While that was sadly lacklustre it was thankfully not overly sweet. A feat that is sort of accomplished here. Listen, this is not a syrup sugar bomb, but despite the layers of complexity this has it’s just too much, for not enough enjoyment. Yes it has depth, but those BBA characteristics almost get in the way of that somehow, and overall you get a beer that is at times too sweet, and other times a bit harsh. We know that a BBA can be done, and done well, but this isn’t it.

Price Average: $?? – possibly not available


Smuttynose Fashionably Old Ale

Smuttynose Fashionably Old Ale: 6.0 – Sadly much like Ry(e)an Ale, this is another Julio’s Liquors exclusive, even more sad though is that when we went in expecting something as nice as Ryean, we were met with a beer that tried to be so many things, but ultimately failed to live up to what we wanted it to be, or what it could have been


Google Shop Average: Smuttynose Fashionably Old Ale $ (No clue w/o being there again)


Smuttynose Scotch Ale

Smuttynose Scotch Ale: 8.5 – Now eagle eyed, (and holy crap long time) readers of our reviews would know of our previous review of Smutty’s scotch ale – which is now vintage sadly. This is just like that, but sadly is just not as good (damn close) This is a bit cheaper, and there is truly no better beer you can get for 7 dollars or less. Nyx is the only one that even comes close. Even ignoring the price, this is hands down one of my favorite beers, and is often kept as a celebration beer in our lounge.


Google Shop Average: Smuttynose Scotch Ale $7


Smuttynose Ry(e)an Ale

Sorry this article is a week late, but I tried to login to the site at three separate occasions only to get a server error – which I took as a sign to get really drunk for my birthday and burn a pizza box using my fridge. Either way we come now to the final review of the Nauticon Panel and as you should – we’re finishing with a beer. A beer so rare only a single brand of store sells it, in essentially a single state, in a single part of the country.


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