Ezra Brooks 90 Proof Bourbon Whiskey 750mL

When I think of Ezra Brooks I’m reminded of an old saying from a wise man “Bourbon, on the rocks please.” Now while all of us at the Buffalo Lounge have had their fair share of whiskey, our tastes (Mine especially) centered on Scotch. I sampled a vast amount of different varieties of Scotch, and I had tried Jack Daniels. It wasn’t until that fateful day though, when I was given just a small 375mL of Ezra that I thought the Americans could make a whiskey.


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Kellan Irish Whiskey 750mL

Ugh my head.  You’d think I’d know at this point not to drink cheap whiskey straight.  Whoops, well there’s my whole opinion of Kellan Irish Whiskey given away in one line.  Hello and welcome back to this week’s edition of booze reviews.  It’s been long known in the Buffalo Lounge that for these reviews we really need to start paying attention to the lower shelves.  That’s why this week we turned our eyes down and grabbed something on the lower level whiskey shelf.


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Wild Turkey 80 Proof Bourbon Whiskey 750mL

We’re back! Yes after a very drunken and plaque riddled holiday Honest Booze Reviews is back at it’s scheduled time. Now soon enough (Read: 2 months – actually half a year) DJ Lvl will post an exciting special edition where we review not only a wine we gathered from my basement, but some short reviews of a wine tasting we attended. However that’s just a bit too classy, and while class is expected at The Buffalo Lounge it’s second only to manliness. As such this week we review a bourbon whiskey, with a turkey on it.


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