Old Bardstown Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 750mL

We genuinely feel the need to apologize folks. We knew getting into a 2 month or so whiskey bender that there would be a few stinkers, but if the last weeks have been bad – there’s no salvation here. This however goes out of it’s way beyond just being mediocre or overpriced to tasting downright awful.

You can hide this in the right cocktail to remove the bad parts, but at the price, you’d be better off elsewhere anyway. This had all the makings of being a great whiskey, but despite the seals and ‘awards’, this whiskey is an unmitigated disaster.


What they Say: “” – So they don’t exactly say anything in a normal sense, but if you take a look at the bottle (here are more pictures) they practically word soup all over this.


Taste: 3.0 – You get a bit of that burnt woody taste, but it’s not pleasant

Aftertaste: 1.5 – That is not good. We’ve not had seafood, so trust us when we say this has a lingering low tide taste too it. Overall though it’s not even okay.

Burn/Smooth: 2.0 – So this is overproof, and it shows how smooth this is not. Really bad even if running this hot.

Aroma: 5.0 – Fairly average for a bourbon, nothing to write home about.

Honesty: 3.0 – The bottle is screwcap but wax sealed. However, the practically haphazard vomiting of text, combined with an award that doesn’t even have a year, but has quotation marks? Sorry love, but sounds like a right piece of shit despite your picture of what seems to be a 4 story horse.

Mixability: 4.83

W/ Rocks: 3.5 – Makes it more palatable – at first. That backend is still horrible, and now it’s more noticeable.

Whiskey and Coke: 5.0 – Make sure to get the amount right, but that’s passable I guess.

Whiskey Sour: 6.0 – Here it’s slightly more enjoyable and hidden while still giving you enough flavour.

Value: 1.0 – As you see this was 3 dollars cheaper than average, and we were still cheated. We wouldn’t recommend this even at 10 dollars.

Google Shop Average: $33

Website: https://www.kentuckybourbonwhiskey.com/the-whiskeys/old-bardstown-estate-bottled/


Reviewer Scores:

BuffaloJern: 2.0

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Metric Score: 20.33/70 |+| Metric Average: 2.9 |+| Reviewer Average: 2.0

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Final Thoughts: It’s the season for it, and we’ve been reviewing and giving awards this month, so let’s also give this an award. Let’s call it the ‘if you have an award on your label you lose at life’ award, and oh damn they won. Honestly, though Kentucky – you’re better than this.


I am the Buffalo editor and curator of Honest Booze Reviews

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