The Original Jesse James America’s Outlaw Bourbon Whiskey 750mL

Alright time get into some good ol’ fashioned bourbon. This week we get something from Jesse James? Okay much like Tenacious D’s famous song this is actually just a tribute. As far as tributes go though this isn’t too bad.


Despite my metric scores below I do genuinely think this is a good tribute. However despite some of my well-like parts of this at the end of the day many things don’t do well on the full 7-point scale. I mention this in more detail under honesty – but I am not really a fan of just putting his name on a bottle even as a tribute. Give me a recipe or even say it was inspired by bourbons he liked.


What they Say: “Jesse James in loving memory of an American outlaw murdered by a traitor and coward whose name is not worthy to appear here. 1847-1882.

Jesse James Premium Bourbon Whiskey is made in the spirit of America’s true outlaw.  It’s distilled to perfection.  Old-time charcoal mellowed and aged in oak casks to achieve an incredibly smooth and full-bourbon character that makes this one of the finest whiskeys.”


Taste: 4.0 – I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t that. There’s some immediate sweetness and a cheaper whiskey flavor that flares, but it quickly goes.

Aftertaste: 7.5 – Here though the flavor spreads like an infection lingering on, changing in taste and flavor. It’s really quite nice.

Burn/Smooth: 6.5 – There is a hint of burn to match the taste’s flare, but it otherwise cycles in warmth and happiness.

Aroma: 3.0 – While not terribly offensive, or overly sweet – the smell here is muted. Worse though what you can get is just simply not pleasant ‘drink-me’ kinda smelling.

Honesty: 4.0 – The text is a bit wanky, but overall I have a dilemma. See Jesse James, outlaw, even calling his killer a coward and not naming him on the bottle are all good high points. But with a bottle that looks like a Jack Daniels/Jim Beam crossover, and worst of all the usage of Jesse James. See the problem here is imagine if KFC stole their mascot in order to appear more southern gentleman then they are and Col Sanders wasn’t a real person who worked on the company – sure image wise it works. At that back of your mind though you know it’s a cardboard cutout used to get your money dreamed up by some ad guy.

Mixability: 4.5

W/ Rocks: 3.0 – It makes the aftertaste more prevalent, but it starts to mix other stuff in and accentuate things – this is a neat bourbon not a rocks bourbon.

Whiskey and Coke: 6.0 – Do not do this with Pepsi. While the bourbon is not sugary sweet – any more sugar would not do well here. You still get a whiff of that aftertaste though which makes me happy.

Value: 6.0 – That’s a good price because it’s the price you expect JD to be (and are always baffled when it’s 6-10 more dollars). If you are looking for something you take swigs at through the night and possibly throw into a soda bottle it’s good for that. Not a great value though.

Google Shop Average: $16



Reviewer Scores:

BuffaloJern: 6.0

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Metric Score: 35.5/70 |+| Metric Average: 5.07 |+| Reviewer Average: 6.0

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Final Thoughts: In short though this is something that I am totally okay putting into my decanter and having after a long day enjoying the lingering aftertaste it brings.


I am the Buffalo editor and curator of Honest Booze Reviews

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