Weekly Wine – July 1st 2011

For this segment to happen I am going to take you all the way back to 2010. All the way back to the end of last year as this is when we actually reviewed these wines but Lee is too much of a douchenozzle to actually do anything for any segment or show we do. Due to this ineptitude, I have been tasked with writing about something I keep near and dear to my heart: vagina. Oh and wines.

Editor’s Note: Apologies for William, but also this is the first ‘Wine-Tasting’ we use for Weekly Wine; however later on we’ll have articles for wine every week since DJ_Lvl, and The Buffalo attend a local wine-tasting.

Wines are like a woman where they can get better with age but even a couple of years old can be the correct age. They are also like a woman in that it is frowned upon to try and stick your penis in them forcibly but I digress. We went to a wine tasting as a group and rather than doing a full review we decided to do Booze Reviews: A Few for the Road. This wonderful thing takes place at a store called Wine Nation near Worcester that has free wine tastings ever week. (Sadly they’ve closed down.. )

We simply had myself along with BuffaloJern, the man called Justice, DJ_LvL, and I believe Huanlai, but I am not sure if anyone else was but I could be mistaken as it was too long ago (note: Lee is a douchenozzle), review these wines based on a full grade from 0-10 as we normally do by increments of .5 being the smallest deviation from one point to the next. So the grades you see reflect our instincts and our feelings with little time to dwell on the wine. So here are the wines we indulged upon. (From here out we’ll go old school and just give letter grades.)


2007 Kiara Private Reserve / Merlot / 7.9 / Really Good. Note: this is a wine I would suggest to anyone. It is fairly brilliant. 2007 was a great year for wines.


2010 Domaine Berrod Beaujoleis Villages / Noaveau / 4.5 / Too much bite, bad finish. Sometimes you have to know when too young means too young…


2008 Ocean Song / Chardonnay / 5.1 / Standard. I am not a fan of white wine but I can be non-biased against them. Hence this 5.1. It was a chardonnay.


2008 Alto Adige Terlan / Pinot Grigio / 6.9 / Sweet with a bit of tart. This was fairly delightful but rather polarizing from person to person.


2008 Chateau Thieuley / Bordeaux / 7 / Refreshing, bit of citrus. Strange, but good, for a Bordeaux especially.


2009 Chateau  Belian Giraud / Bordeaux / 4.8 / Nothing wrong, just too mild. In reality…meh is the reaction this got as a Bordeaux.


2006 Chateau Roostaing Reserve Vicilles Vignes / Bordeaux / 6.4 / Nice oak aftertaste, no sharpness. They had a lot of Bordeaux for us to try and this was wonderful but still a bit polarizing.


2006 Cotes de Castellion / Bordeaux / 6.2 / Very dry. Again we find that Bordeaux wines can be fairly polarizing as some preferred the dry texture and others did not…giving a nice average.


These wines were good for a start and Kiara I would suggest to anyone that wants a wine for any occasion. Anything near an 8 from our group is tantamount to being the top of the top for our group (note: blue label got just above a 9 from us and metrics wise it technically never got to a 9 with an 8.98. That shows how strict we are.)


I am the Buffalo editor and curator of Honest Booze Reviews

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