Plum Island Belgian White

Plum Island Belgian White: 5.5 

Another unfiltered Belgian White beer made with Coriander and Orange Peel. This is something that has become commonplace for most beer companies to do and is about the fifth new one I have tried.  Though it may be boring, it doesn’t mean it isn’t good. Sold in cans which makes it one of the best beers I had ever had from a can. Fairly average but good.

Google Shop Average: Plum Island Belgian White $10 (12oz Can 6-Pack)


Tripel Karmeliet Beer Review

Tripel Karmeliet and The Goblet of The Gods

Tripel Karmeliet: 9/10 – William Henri Neve IV’s favorite beer. A golden color with a glut of foam even off a perfect pour. Wheat and coriander mixed in the first taste with caramel and hops in the aftertaste. An intoxicating aroma of the above helps round out an amazing beer. A great, expensive, beer that can be found at craft beer store near you. Best to drink from the glass above (Thank you Lee).

Google Shop Average: Tripel Karmeliet $7


Reyka Vodka 750mL

Do you lot remember a few years back when that volcano erupted in Iceland? The name of that volcano was Eyjafjallajökull and it disrupted air travel all over Europe and Asia the likes of which had not been seen for such a small volcanic eruption.

When most of us heard that we thought: Woah, volcano! And what a hell of a name that is! Amazing!

The people at Reyka Vodka said: Who wants to go collect rocks from the volcano to distill our vodka with?

Where that is not 100% accurate as I cannot prove that they used those rocks BUT it would not surprise me if that exact sentiment went into crafting this vodka.


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Johnnie Walker Double Black Label 750mL

Hello ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to another Booze Review. This one is a good one. Yup.

Alright I will be honest: right now I am dreading writing this because I have not had alcohol in over two weeks because I am trying to get into shape and it does not help. I feel like a fraud. I feel I have disgraced the other members of our troupe by doing this but I need to think of my physical conditioning right now.


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Hendrick’s Gin 750mL

Hurry, hurry, hurry! Step right up and test your taste! Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, dogs and cats of all ages, sizes, and creeds have I got a deal for you! This is hot off the presses and is something that can relieve all of your ailments and woes and if you don’t believe me then I am sorry but you can just go kick dirt for all I care!

Hello there! My name is William Power McGillicutty and I am here to offer you something that shares something with me and it is the name of Power! This here is the most miraculous, fantastic, wonderful, amazing, stupendous, and delicious elixir that you will ever try! This ladies in gentlemen, is Hendricks gin!


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Jack Daniels Black Label 750mL

Open your minds, mouths, stomachs, anus and urethra all you Honest Booze Reviews readers because shit is about to go down. A couple of weeks ago we all got together and decided that we needed to cook some food…cook some food and get drunk. WHAT CHU KNOW ABOUT BOOZE REVIEWS, SON?! BuffaloJern, the man named Justice, and DJ LvL got together with a couple of new friends to this gig in Poat and Mr. Hentai to drink some food and eat some booze along with me, bottle inverted 180 degrees and the opening no longer pouring booze into my mouth, William Henri Neve IV aka newly formed Tex Mexibro aka MC Will Power aka DJ Jonah Jameson (DAMN YOU SPIDERMAN!) aka William Henri Neve The Fourth (different person).


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The Kraken Black Spiced Rum 750mL

Hear ye, hear ye! Come and listen to me ye landlubbers…for I have a tale loaded with lust, liquor, and laceration. As the lot of you know from our other letters on this fancy internet thing our motley crew of me first mates Justice, The Buffalo, and Bard_LvL and I, The Empowered El Cap-i-tan William the Fourth, have written about various types of grog that we have stumbled across through our trips on the high seas and have given our two pence on what we thought of it. As we were traveling, we went on land and my crew went to pillage and gain the company of a lady. As they went into town I tended my ship just off the coast. As I came off the ship I heard the rattling of glass from below me in the ocean. I looked down and saw the gleaming of a bottle. I saw it was empty…but it looked as if it had a note in it. I picked it up and this is what I saw:

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E & J VSOP Brandy Superior Reserve 750mL

Stop. Have you read Justice’s review of the XO E&J Brandy? If not then you should as this one is going to be kind of a continuation. I will give you time to do it now. Read it here. I am waiting…go read it. Done? Read it? Know a little more about brandies? Understand still that these reviews are done by the man called Justice, BuffaloJern, DJ_LvL and me, with my body booze free for the first time in a long time as I am trying to get fit, William Henri Neve IV? Good. Now that you know that and read about a mediocre to bad brandy…let me talk and walk you through an atrocious brandy.


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