Smuttynose Ry(e)an Ale

Sorry this article is a week late, but I tried to login to the site at three separate occasions only to get a server error – which I took as a sign to get really drunk for my birthday and burn a pizza box using my fridge. Either way we come now to the final review of the Nauticon Panel and as you should – we’re finishing with a beer. A beer so rare only a single brand of store sells it, in essentially a single state, in a single part of the country.


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Jose Cuervo Black 750mL

Eagle-eyed readers will have noted I mentioned this being the ‘scotch’ of Cuervo’s a few weeks back. I would like to now publicly apologize for that statement as I now realize it was said during St Patrick’s day, and told to me secondhand. Now while we commonly here mix Mexican and Irish themes it would appear mixing whisky with tequila isn’t the best of ideas.


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Jose Cuervo Especial Gold 750mL

Hello and once again. So for those who know Booze Reviews you may know that we don’t give a fuck about other reviewers with their A-B-C grading and any time a “reviewing company” leaves a little note in your liquor store saying something is a 90 and it’s not locked away in a cabinet guarded by hellbeasts we weep. Though not in an unmanly way, because we weep scotch, and then we drink that scotch. Which is why next week we’ll be doing Booze Reviews Live at Nauticon. And you want to know the funny thing – we don’t even know what were doing. Which can only mean one thing – that awesome is gonna happen. So if you’re in the New England Area head over and do that – because it’s a con that has spirits tastings – and anime. Which coincidentally is what I do with my life.


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Johnnie Walker Red Label 750mL

Hola! Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone! I bet you’re wondering why we’re not using this golden opportunity to review a tequila – to which I can only say an old Spanish proverb. “It is not one to review that one cannot remember.” Now I’m not sure what that means but it sounded profound enough to excuse away why we started this morning with some scotch. Justice had actually considered mixability with cereal, but then we couldn’t decide which cereal. (Hint: should have been CTC)


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Old Grand-Dad Whiskey 86 Proof 750mL

Now sit down squirts because ol’ man Buffalo has got some stories to tell. Back in the war – kid voice: “ which war?” – the WAR WITH CANADA ya brat! Anyway back in the war only 3 things kept you going – the promise of your woman back home waiting for ya, the knowledge that your bullets, knives, and fists have killed more Canadians than you’ll remember – and whiskey – good old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.


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